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0.05mm 304 stainless steel foil

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Ningbo Yaoyi Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (Yaoyi for short) was established in 1996 by Mr. Zhang Yue. Ningbo Yaoyi has completed technical equipment and supporting facilities for cold-rolled steel production. After years of development, Ningbo Yaoyi has become a well-known enterprise in China's stainless steel industry and provided 0.05mm 304 stainless steel foil as well.
0.05mm 304 stainless steel foil
Yaoyi's key stainless steel products (including 0.05mm SUS304, which the following will focus on) have entered industries such as petroleum, petrochemical, automobile, and Jahwa. Ningbo Yaoyi has more than a dozen core technologies, mainly stainless steel, and cooperates with more than 80 partners around the world. Therefore, our stainless steel and other products are well receiving in domestic and international markets.
Social responsibilities
What is more, Yaoyi fully fulfills its social responsibilities.  We strive to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise and actively support social welfare undertakings. Moreover, we adhere to the core concept of people-oriented, attach importance to safe production, improve employees' lives, and present a new situation for harmonious development.
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Ningbo Yaoyi will speed up the construction of the world's most competitive stainless steel enterprise, so that stainless steel-based varieties, quality, cost, research and development, energy saving, environmental protection, efficiency, service, and other indicators will reach the international first-class level. If you have any questions about cold-rolled stainless steel strip/ coils, please consult us.

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Below, I will introduce the following application scenarios of the high-quality ultra-thin 0.05mm stainless steel 304 foil from Yaoyi:

LCD TV frame
The shortcoming

The market share of today's large LCD color TVs competes with large plasma color TVs, starting with small portable TVs in the initial stage. In the beginning, the frame of the small mobile TV used a surface-treated steel plate. As the guide device (such as the car driving line guide device, etc.), the screen of the computer, the TV, and the like have become larger. The chance of contact between the operator's hand and the cross-section of these product components increases, it exposing the shortcomings of the surface-treated steel plate rusted on the cut end surface. To cope with this shortcoming, home appliance manufacturers began to send out stainless steel to the stamping processing cooperation factory and negotiate with the stainless steel manufacturer. At that time, Matsushita Electric Industrial and Sanyo Electric had their stamping processing departments, while Sharp and other manufacturers needed to commission processing and cooperation.


Using the stainless steel

After Sharp Corporation, a home appliance manufacturer, implemented stainless steel, Sanyo Electric, Matsushita Electric, and other manufacturers have adopted stainless steel one after another. In the beginning, the stamping processing department had the only experience in processing ordinary steel. When processing stainless steel, some shortcomings, such as severe mold wear and rust marks, were caused by powder. 


The focus of stainless steel from coated steel plate to 0.05mm SUS304:

(1) Corrosion resistance;

(2) Strength.

Cell phone

High durability

The mobile phone is a product that integrates the outstanding achievements of electronic technological innovation. People used Various materials from the body (housing) to various parts. The body (shell) used aluminum or plastic because of the emphasis on lightweight and later changed to magnesium alloy to prevent scratches. In Europe and America, designers use stainless steel designs in mobile phones. The disc springs are used for the keys of resin or phosphor bronze. In consideration of lighter weight, corrosion resistance, and elasticity, stainless steel foils with a thickness of 0.02~0.07mm were popular. Yaoyi products 0.05mm SUS304 can be applied here.  Due to mobile phones' popularization, the number of times a button pressed has increased from 200,000 to 300,000 times to 3 million times. In consideration of high durability, stainless steel should be the right choice.


Stainless steel is a shielding plate

Almost all lithium-ion battery cases are using stainless steel, and aluminum products have recently started to compete (see the description in the "Battery Case" chapter for details). As mobile phones enter the 3G era, stainless steel is a shielding plate for 3G mobile phones. Taking into account the shielding of electromagnetic waves and magnetic lines of force, the representative steel type SUS304 of ferritic stainless steel with a plate thickness of 0.15 to 0.25 mm is used to make a case that prevents noise interference, shields electromagnetic and lithium-ion batteries.


The focus of stainless steel from coated steel plate to 0.05mm SUS304:

(1) "Ingenuity" (design and conception);

(2) Strength and flexibility;

(3) Magnetic shielding and electromagnetic wave shielding.


Communication equipment wiring cabinet

Shielding properties

Communication equipment wiring cabinet, such as decorative cabinet style settings, put loop devices in the cabinet. Initially, it is made of an ordinary steel plate and then painted. Starting about ten years ago, shielding became an important issue. Large telephone companies and communication equipment manufacturers have evaluated various materials' shielding properties and adopted SUS304. For shielding properties, considering the magnetic shielding properties and electromagnetic wave shielding properties, according to What the primary telephone company talks about is confidential in the comparison of the materials used. Details are unknown.


A better solution

It is a conclusion drawn by comparing and judging its value at a certain distance. The shielding performance of SUS444 got evaluated. In order to reduce the cost in the future, people will change the material to SUS436J1L (19Cr-0.5Mo-Ti, Nb-LC). The process of adopting a ferritic steel grade better than austenitic SUS304 (18Cr-8Ni) is also an alternative to the latter's magnetic shielding performance.


The focus of stainless steel from coated steel plate to 0.05mm SUS304:

(1) Magnetic shielding and electromagnetic wave shielding;

(2) Corrosion resistance.                                                                 

Wiring cabinet

Put equipment and equipment that transmit mobile phone signals to various places into a container-like cabinet, commonly known as a closet. Generally, those in cities can use ordinary steel and then paint it. However, because of the coastal area's corrosion resistance problem, stainless steel must be used and then painted. The steel grade is SUS304 (18Cr-8Ni), SUS436L

(18Cr-1Mo-Ti, Nb-LC), the plate thickness is 1.0~1.5mm. As a vertical cabinet, shielding is not a problem. Consider only from the aspect of corrosion resistance.


The focus of stainless steel from coated steel plate to 0.05mm SUS304:

Corrosion resistance.

Electronic parts

0.05mm 304 stainless steel foil
The picture tube shadow mask

The picture tube shadow mask of color TV set used ordinary steel or non-expandable steel (INVAR, a material containing 36% Ni) a long time ago. General small TV sets use ordinary steel shadow masks, and large TV sets above 28 o'clock use inflatable steel alloy shadow masks. On the other hand, the picture tube used in the computer and the industrial monitor must use an inflatable alloy shadow mask to see still pictures or text. Non-expandable steel, because there is no Cr, is not stainless steel (that is, non-stainless steel). Because it is a high-Ni material, it is generally manufacturing in stainless steel production plants.


The nickel is added

As special steel close to stainless steel, people added a nickel to the iron, and the linear expansion coefficient is very small if it contains 36% Ni, reflecting the characteristics. Its linear expansion coefficient is 1.2x10-6 (general steel is 11.7 x10-6), SUS304 (18Cr-8Ni) is 16.4x10-6. We can see that INVAR alloy has the advantage of not being easy to expand and contract.

For color picture tube shadow masks, many small holes appeared on an extremely thin plate with a thickness of about 10-20μm, and one hole represents a point of the image. The picture tube is kept in a heating state when the image is displayed. As time increases, the temperature gradually increases. The picture tube shadow mask also has a thermal expansion. If people used ordinary steel shadow masks, the image is blurred. The use of INVAR alloy is due to the line [expanding]. ] The expansion coefficient is small, which ensures a clear and stable picture. The color picture tube is formed with many small holes on a skinny plate with a thickness of 10-20μm by etching. For this reason, in the steelmaking process, we strive to keep non-metallic inclusions to a minimum.


The important technical issues

In the general cold-rolled stainless steel plate standard, the minimum plate thickness is 0.30mm, and the plate thickness of the picture tube shadow mask is about 10-20μm, which is a fragile plate. Although it is thinner than 0.05mm SUS304, Yaoyi can produce foil as thin as 0.02mm. Therefore, in the process of cold rolling, ensuring dimensional accuracy and product surface shape are very important technical issues. People believe that this work is a sign that reflects the level of comprehensive technical capabilities of stainless steel manufacturers. Also, because the INVER alloy does not contain chromium (Cr), it is easy to rust. Therefore, it is necessary to operate during the handling operation carefully, and most manufacturers use anti-rust film for surface protection.


The focus of stainless steel from ordinary steel, 0.05mm SUS304 to INVAR alloy:

(1) Low line [expansion] coefficient of expansion;

(2) Corrosion (cleanliness of steel).


Electron gun

The electron gun is a device that generates electrons in the picture tube. After someone adjusted the electron beam by the converging coil and the deflection coil, it collides with the color phosphor through the shadow as mentioned earlier mask hole to emit light. Then people assembled electron guns from deep-drawn stainless steel parts. After processing, it must be non-magnetic. However, 0.05mm SUS304 (18Cr-8Ni) usually induces martensite and magnetism after the deep drawing. For this reason, 0.05 SUS30 (18Cr-8Ni) with superior austenite safety usage.


Also, the depth of small parts When deep drawing, the phenomenon of "earring" is prone to product quality problems, which workers should eliminate. Therefore, the anisotropy of the material is required to be as small as possible during deep drawing. In order to meet these characteristic requirements, stainless steel manufacturers must perform two cold rolling processes. The drawing process can significantly improve the plasticity and anisotropy through annealing treatment between two cold rollings.


From the initial use of stainless steel, the focus of 0.05mm SUS304:

(1) Non-magnetic;

(2) The anisotropy is small during deep drawing.