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Provide you with the best quality stainless steel of 200 series and 300 series

Established for 25 years and engaged in the stainless steel industry

Providing very competitive quotations to help your business or project

One-Stop-Shop for purchasing stainless steel products from China

Provide all kinds of stainless steel and reliable stainless steel solutions

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Stainless steel supplier in China

-Yaoyi has been in the stainless steel industry for more than 25 years. In addition to our cold-rolled stainless steel factory, we also have the best alliances with many steel companies, and the contract rates we obtained are lower than market standards. It allows us to provide the most affordable stainless steel for export from the Chinese market to any country.

-Our team is always up-to-date with stainless steel research and development. They provide you with accurate stainless steel products and ensure that your products meet your production needs. 


Provide with best products and services

-We have 53 acres of stainless steel production sites, of which 10 acres are stainless steel storage land.

-With our ERP, your goods will always be in the best condition.

-As a kind of allowance, you will get free samples and testing for more than one year. After production, yaoyi will sample and inspect your stainless steel orders, and pass the salt spray test, tensile strength test and other tests to ensure the quality of stainless steel products.


-This is why purchasing stainless steel from yaoyi can be more assured, convenient, and reliable than ever. When you cooperate with us, you can save time, money and be relax.

-Contact us immediately via [email protected] to get the latest stainless steel quotation and let us open a broader market for you.



Accomplishments & Awards

honor 2

Advanced Unit of Technological Transformation in 2003

honor 6

Advanced Unit of Industrial Production in 2003

honor 1

Emphasizes Quality and Creates Excellent Brand Units

Top 100 Enterprises Plan:Advanced Enterprise

Top 100 Enterprises Plan: Advanced Enterprise

honor 5

Advanced Unit for Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction

honor 7

100 Million Enterprises for Tax Calculation and Sales in 2007

honor 3

Safety Production Standardization Level III Enterprise (Metallurgy)

honor 4

Safety Production Standardization Level III Enterprise (Metallurgy)


Our Roadmap


Established new Yaoyi import and export department.


Invested the new production line & new rolling mill.


Completed the technological improvement 
and developed four exclusive products.


Established Chongqing Branch.