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Application Of Stainless Steel In The Oil And Gas Industry

The stainless steel materials produced by yaoyi have been widely used and promoted in the manufacture of automobile assemblies and parts due to their excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and good mechanical properties. With the development of automobile lightweight and the continuous improvement of the performance requirements of automobile anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistant parts, the types of parts made of stainless steel are increasing.


The stainless steel raw materials produced by Yaoyi are mainly used to produce seat belt connectors, clamps, wipers, bumpers, stainless steel seals, stainless steel heat exchangers, stainless steel tubing, and other auto parts.

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301 Austenitic Stainless Steel coil, 301 ss coil
Self-developed Stailess Steel

SUS301 is widely used in the production of auto parts because of its excellent processing performance. Especially the clamp.

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304 ss coil, stainless steel coil dividing strip
304 Stainless Steel

SUS304 is widely used in the production of auto parts because of its excellent corrosion resistance. Especially the fuel tank cap.

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201 stainless steel tube
Stainless Steel Tube

Stainless steel welded pipes are widely used in motorcycle exhaust pipes and other parts.

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Guides of Stainless Steel Applications

Car Body And Frame Made Of Stainless Steel

The materials for automobile body parts should generally have good rigidity and ductility, and it is required that no obvious spring back phenomenon should be produced during the stamping and forming process. Although stainless steel has good ductility, its resilience is very high, so it is not suitable for manufacturing body parts with complex forming structures. 

Stainless steel materials can still be considered for the body coverings of some relatively simple rail transit vehicles and large passenger cars. Because the structural design and the excellent performance of the stainless steel material are well matched and integrated, the stainless steel frame manufactured is not only light in weight, good in impact resistance, but also safe, reliable, and long in life. Among them, SUH409L, 3Cr12, SUS304L, etc. are all commonly used stainless steel materials in the development of combined frames.

Auto Parts Made Of Stainless Steel

In addition to being widely used and researched in the manufacturing fields of exhaust systems, fuel tanks, car bodies, and frames, stainless steel materials also have certain applications in the manufacture of some typical auto parts, specifically involving stainless steel seals, heat 4 types of typical components such as oil pipes for exchangers, powertrain and transmission system accessories, and fasteners with special requirements for corrosion resistance. 

Mainly aluminum alloy materials, but there are still some companies trying to produce stainless steel plate heat exchangers. The main materials used for powertrain and transmission system accessories include two types of double-layer coiled welded pipes and stainless steel seamless welded pipes. The main application areas involve brake pipes, fuel pipes, and various lubricating oil pipes. 

For stainless steel fasteners, it is a supplement to traditional steel fasteners for cold heading and cold extrusion and is mainly used in areas with harsh environments and special requirements in engines and transmission systems.


Application of main materials

Stainless steel sealing ring


Stainless steel heat exchanger


Stainless steel tubing for powertrain and transmission system




Car Decorations Made Of Stainless Steel

To improve the overall appearance perception of users, some typical automotive decorative parts have been widely used in stainless steel materials, and have achieved standardization and standardization. Take a small car as an example. 

Its door trim strips, welcome pedal trim strips, rear cover trim strips, fuel tank caps, seat belt tighteners, wiper branches, rearview mirrors, and exterior decorative bumpers are all widely used Stainless steel material; for large passenger cars and rail cars, its application areas mainly include safety guard bars, safety handrails, etc.



Application of main materials


Door trim


SUS 304SUS 430


Rear cover decorative strip


Pedal trim


Fuel tank cap

SUS 304


Seat belt tensioner

SUS 301


Car wiper

SUS 301SUS 304


rearview mirror

SUS 430J1L



SUS 304


Security Fence

SUS 304


Safety handrail

SUS 304

Corrugated Pipe Assembly Made Of Stainless Steel

The bellows assembly is located between the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter. Its function is to relieve the vibration of the engine, have high-temperature fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance; its shape is corrugated, the common structure is three layers, and the corrugated wall thickness is 0.15 mm~0.2mm, in order from the inside to the outside: lined pipe (winding pipe), corrugated pipe and stainless steel mesh or belt.

Due to the need for controlled NVH performance in automobiles, mesh sleeves are designed on both sides of the bellows to avoid resonance between the bellows assembly and the exhaust system. Therefore, there are also 4 to 5 layers of bellows assemblies. 

Because the corrugated pipe needs to be welded on a stainless steel pipe with a thickness of only 0.2mm and a large amount of bulging processing is required during the production, austenitic stainless steel is usually used. SUS304 is a commonly used material. If better durability is required For performance, SUS321 or SUS316Ti is recommended.

Exhaust Pipe Made Of Stainless steel

The traditional exhaust pipe flange is 8mm, 10mm thick Q235 steel, which is processed by casting. To improve the anti-corrosion performance, the non-machined surface requires blackening or dacromet treatment; now it can also be stamped with 3mm thick SUH409L steel plate. Finished, lightweight design, improved production efficiency, and improved anti-corrosion ability, no need for additional surface treatment.

The bracket used to assemble the rubber lugs on the exhaust pipe is made of a Q235 cylinder with a diameter of 10mm and 12mm. To improve the anti-corrosion performance, dacromet treatment is required; now it can be made of SUH409L steel pipe with the same diameter and 1.5mm thickness. Advantages of hollow steel pipe support: weight reduction, improved anti-corrosion performance, reducing dacromet treatment; hollow steel pipe heat dissipation is better than steel columns.


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