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Yaoyi Stainless Steel today carried out a team building activity before the Chinese New Year.

We believe that, like Yaoyi Stainless Steel, for most companies in the world in 2020, the major environmental factors led by the epidemic will be a severe test for the sustainable operation of the company. For Yaoyi Stainless Steel, the first quarter of 2020 is the time when our sales have fallen. However, with the unremitting efforts of all employees, actively exploring the market, steadily improving quality, and supporting the various policies of the Chinese government, the development of Yaoyi Stainless Steel in 2020 has the following improvements: the quality is better, customer complaints and returns are reduced by 5% compared with last year, and the delivery date is more accurate. Especially when the price of raw materials at the end of the year increases, our employees reasonably arrange production, and Like the previous year, there was no delay in delivery.

Today, Yaoyi Stainless Steel’s financial department, quality control department and R&D department organize team building to celebrate each other’s support in 2020, our employees are welcomed to bring their families to the team buildings too. Also, we look forward to the new year, Yaoyi Stainless Steel can welcome more partners and bring more interests to you.

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