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China’s cold-rolled plant production will drop by 0.15%,2021.06 

In June 2021, China’s 34 cold rolled production schedule is expected to be 1,292,500 tons, which is expected to decrease by 0.15% from the previous month.

Among them, the 200 series cold-rolled row output is 419,300 tons, which is expected to decrease by 2.78% month-on-month.

The 300 series cold-rolled row output is 658,800 tons, which is expected to increase by 5.70% month-on-month.

The 400 series cold-rolled row output is 215,200 tons, which is expected to decrease by 10.59% month-on-month.

Cold rolled stainless steel production in the factory in 2021 (unit: 10,000 tons)

Steel grade




Chain growth

Chain ratio

200ss series





300ss series





400ss series










3. China’s steel output from January to April was 453 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 20.1%

In June, China’s 34 stainless steel plants had a lower output than the actual output in May. Among them, the 400 series had a significant decrease in production, and the 200 series had a certain decrease in production, while the 300 series had an increase in production.

In June, the output of the 300-series row increased slightly. At present, the profit of the 300-series production is acceptable, and the demand is good. There are varying degrees of shortages in the northern and southern regions. At present, the business of steel mills is rising. The orders in June have already been received, and some orders have been received in July.

In June, the output of the 400 series cold-rolled row fell more significantly. The most obvious drop is JISCO , which is mainly affected by year-end equipment overhaul. The overhaul period of this plant is from late May to mid-June. This overhaul will start with steel making and hot rolling. The cold rolling production is expected to end in the mid-June Equipment overhaul. According to the current production situation of the plant, the output of the 400 series is greatly affected, and the output of the 300 series is limited. In addition, other steel mills have also made slight production cuts due to the impact of reduced profits.