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  Expert Stainless Steel Manufacturer Supports Your Project & Business

Abundant stainless steel products & solutions

As your professional stainless steel manufacturer, Yaoyi provides Stainless steel products exceed industry standards. Meanwhile, 700+ tons of conventional storage stainless steel raw materials are prepared. In other words, we can provide you with the best stainless steel products & solutions for your different requirements and usages. You can click the button to get the product catalog.

Always ready to reserch and design 

We are committed to creating value for our customers and providing high-quality products and services. Most importantly, we have independent research and development capabilities. As a stainless steel manufacture, we have designed two series of stainless steel products. It helps our clients becoming global winners in the automotive clamp series.  

Different grades of stainless steel products

As a Stainless steel manufacture, we supply 200 series and 300 series stainless steel products. For example, you can purchase 301 ,304, 316, 316L stainless steel coil from us. In the same vein, we also provide stainless steel foils, tubes, sheets, strips, etc..So you can get a one-stop service from us, it will be a correct choise to tell us what stainless steel products you need.  

A laboratory for stainless steel testing

Years ago, we set up our own laboratory to test all the products that leave the factory. This laboratory has become a part of our standardized production process. Similarly, it can also help our R&D team to provide physical properties and chemical composition testing.

Stainless Steel Coil & Foil Manufacture

If you are looking for a professional stainless steel manufacturer, here we are.

Yaoyi has been an experienced stainless steel manufacturer for more than 24 years.

With the team of professional engineers,

we provide perfect products and services for the clients all over the world.

Products of Yaoyi, the Stainless Steel Manufacture

Producing stainless steel foil from 0.02~0.05mm (0.00078~0.0019 in) is available for us. Meanwhile, 100 tons of stainless steel foil standing stock in warehouse means you can purchase convenient. After that, the production cycle is 20 days.


We can supply you 304 stainless steel coil with width below 700. At the same time we provide you with stainless steel coils in various hardness conditions. We are especially good at semi-rigid 304 stainless steel coil production.

yaoyi’s 301 stainless steel coil, width below 700, thickness, can provide you with 0.03~2mm. The hardness of 301 stainless steel coil is generally higher than that of 304, which is suitable for application in spring and other industries..

316 stainless steel coil has the best anti-rust performance among austenitic stainless steels, and is suitable for strict and harsh working environments such as seawater and acidic environments. Yaoyi chooses Baosteel’s hot-rolled coils as raw.

Besides Ordinary Products, You can also get

Exclusively Developed Stainless Steel from Yaoyi

J3 Grade is a chromium-manganese austenitic stainless steel, with moderate amounts of copper, nickel and nitrogen.

J4 is suitable for replacing chromium-nickel grades 301, 304 in many applications.

Y1 is a hard state, austenitic stainless steel that is hardenable by heat treatment. In addition, it has ultra-high tensile properties.

Y6 has high tensile properties. It’s hardness and HV intensity reaches 500.

*Independently researched and developed by Yaoyi.

More than an Manufacturer…

Yaoyi was founded in 1996. We have 24+years experience in producing stainless steel. Therefore, clients can recieve competitive quotation from us. In addition, we built a good production management system to ensure that client orders are produced on time and accurately.


Thanks to good relationship, we can get the best products& prices from other manufacturers. At the same time, our laboratory can help you to carry out product-testing, we can also help you inspect the factory, ensure the quality, and deliver them for you on time.


The Reason why Fortune 500 Companies Choose Yaoyi

Since 1996, engineer Mr.Zhang Yue founded Yaoyi.  He has worked as a metallurgical engineer in a stainless steel plant for 14 years and has accumulated rich experience in stainless steel research and production.

Our team of professional stainless steel engineers can ensure the quality of stainless steel. They also exclusively developed alternatives to 301 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel, saving you costs. Among similar products, Yaoyi’s stainless steel elongation rate is higher than 10%.

From 1996 to 2007, Yaoyi developed rapidly. With China’s Economic Reform and open up, the demand for the stainless steel market grew rapidly. In 2007, Yaoyi achieved the goal of paying more than 100 million RMB in taxes. Compliance with laws and regulations is our responsibility to the government. It is our responsibility to you to meet your requirements with quality and quantity.

After receiving an order ,we will check the warehouse to look for suitable raw materials. If there is no, we will immediately purchase the hot-rolled coils you need and produce. After annealing-grinding-cold rolling-leveling-straightening-shearing and other processes, it will be recorded. We will take samples to the laboratory after production and keep the samples for more than 1 year.

Our team will be online 24/7 to provide you the best stainless steel solutions. Get a free quote or ask any anything.

Due to our long-term stable supply chain system, yaoyi can get good prices from hot rolled coil manufacturers and stainless steel pipe manufacturer.

Our Quality Assurance

Follow the ISO 9001 standard


As a Stainless Steel Manufacturers, Yaoyi was established in 1996 by Mr.Zhang Yue, the general manager graduated from Northeastern University-Metallurgy Department. The engineers of R&D team of Yaoyi Stainless Steel is excellent, they will be glad to help you solve the problems.


Yaoyi Stainless Steel strictly controls the quality in accordance with the internal control standards of ISO 9001. Not only that, we also have advanced laboratory equipment to test the hardness, elongation and chemical composition of each batch of stainless steel coils.


Yaoyi Stainless has a CNC system to control the thickness tolerance of the stainless steel strip within 0.005mm. We also have a spectrometer imported from Germany to accurately analyze the chemical composition of the stainless steel strip. We can do the tests for you for free.

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