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How to find the high quality, stable supply, competitive price, professional service stainless steel manufacturers in China? Here are the latest tips.

Since it was invented, stainless steel has been widely used in food, automobiles, machinery, aerospace, medical and other fields with its unique physical properties and non-rusting characteristics. Common stainless steel products include pipes, plates, stainless steel strips, stainless steel foils, etc., with stable physical properties and certain structural strength, which are ideal raw materials. 
For many manufacturers, the production process of stainless steel is not complicated. However, it is not so easy to produce high-quality products, especially to meet certain structural strength while also meeting important parameters such as flatness, elongation, and ductility. This requires years of research and experience accumulation, or a unique element formula and technological process, to produce such a perfect product. 
Common stainless steel models include 200 series, 300 series, 400 series, etc. Among them, 301 is the stainless steel that is most easily strengthened by cold deformation. It has excellent rust resistance under atmospheric conditions, so it is suitable for high load and light weight. application. Because of its non-rust characteristics, it is a very good choice for the production of stainless steel cable ties. 
Some properties of Cold-Rolled 301 Stainless Steel are shown below: 
301 Stainless Steel Coils/ Strips: 12Cr17Ni7 
Thickness: 0.02 mm – 3.0 mm 
Width: 3mm – 1250 mm 
Hardness: 180 – 600 
Finish: 2B / BA/ HL, etc. 
Tensile: ≥520 σb (MPa) 
Elongation: ≥40 δ5 (%) 
Chemical Composition: (C≤0.15, Si≤1.0, Mn≤2.0, Cr 16.0~18.0, Ni: 6.0-8.0, S: ≤0.03, P≤0.045)
It is not difficult to see that in addition to basic elements such as thickness, width, and surface, the tensile strength, elongation, and elongation of stainless steel are more important parameters, and even determine the final color of the product to a large extent. It should be noted that the ratio of different elements will directly affect the price and performance of stainless steel products.
Currently, global customers generally purchase stainless steel in the Chinese and Indian markets. If you want to know the situation of stainless steel produced in China, you need to pay attention to these contents: 
1. The source of raw materials. Whether the raw materials for product production are purchased from leading companies in the industry such as Baosteel and Taiyuan Iron and Steel, or are purchased through designated companies in accordance with customer needs. 
2. Whether it can meet the customized requirements of stainless steel strip/coil. 
3. Is it possible to provide processing techniques such as slitting, rewinding, and sizing. 
4. Whether it can complete the requirements of deburring, trimming, coil coating, etc. 
5. Is it possible to provide special packaging, such as crates and heat-treated pallets. 
During the transportation of stainless steel products, we recommend choosing facilities for loading 20GP or 40GP containers according to the actual weight of the goods. 
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