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Is it necessary to arrange the purchase plan in advance in the first quarter of 2021? Or continue to stay on the sidelines and be cautious about the changes that are taking place in the market? Let’s take a look at the latest news worldwide and its impact on the stainless steel market. European Central Bank President Lagarde said that the euro zone economy contracted in the fourth quarter of last year. The short-term economic outlook faced downside risks, and if there are requirements, he was ready to adjust all tools. In terms of policy, no options are excluded, and the euro exchange rate is under closely monitoring. Viewpoint: Under the impact of the epidemic, it is slow to recover the Eurozone economy. Also, it is still has room to introduce the relevant economic stimulus policy in the future. What is more, the recent sharp rise in European bond yields reflects the market’s expectations for further loose liquidity in the Eurozone. Wang Shengzu, co-head of Goldman Sachs Investment Strategy Group Asia, said that this year the global economy has started a new cycle. And the overall recovery is ushered in a year of recovery. All in all, maintaining strategic investments in risky assets and equity assets is still an important strategy. Viewpoint: The global pandemic of the new crown pneumonia epidemic impacted the world economy. In response to the continuous loosening of global liquidity in the epidemic, the growth rate of M2 increased rapidly. Moreover, most other countries except China still adopt loose policies, and China will not tighten the monetary policy, so the core logic of the rise in commodities remains unchanged.

 In summary, as the raw material of stainless steel, the prices of iron and nickel may continue to rise. Therefore, Yaoyi stainless steel reminds our dear partners to arrange the purchase plan in advance and to maximize your profit.

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