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A Complete Guide to Steel Coil Supplier: the best you can find

Yaoyi has always been an excellent Steel Coil Supplier, and we have 26 years of experience in stainless steel coil production. Based on the most advanced technological innovation and research and development, we can provide you with J series and Y series stainless steel independently developed and produced.

The stainless steel coils produced by Yaoyi include 200 series and 300 series austenitic stainless steels, and self-developed J series and Y series stainless steels. Among them, Y series stainless steel can reach the eight-level non-magnetic standard, which can provide favorable raw material guarantee for your zipper production.

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Steel Coil Supplier: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Yaoyi is a famous steel coil supplier for our superb production of stainless steel foil after years of hard work. The high quality stainless steel foil is guaranteed by our well-trained and experienced engineers. In combination with our quality management system, we can assure that the stainless steel foils fulfill your needs properly. In Yaoyi you will find for your company the best stainless steel foil.

The company principally supplies and markets over the years different types of coils, pipes and sheets in stainless steel. It also produced a high tensile non-magnetic steel-Y1 and a hard magnetic stainless-Y6 independently. Also, SUS 201, 202, 301, 301Ni7, 304 and 316 etc. are all additional items.

Yaoyi stainless steel supplies hot rolling steel coils, made by stainless steel, the world’s largest stainless steel supplier. This guarantees its source quality and its reliability. The ISO 9001 International Management System Certification from production to supply was carried out by Yaoyi stainless steel. For every batch of items we apply rigorous quality control.

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What Should You Know About Yaoyi’s Steel Coils?

Yaoyi’s steel coil products made of stainless steel are metal sheets rolling via a variety of operations in China. The advancements in quality and speed of delivery of Yaoyi’s steel coils have throughout the years become a major material for many sectors. In addition, the brands took steps to take care of them. These are crucial elements that you should know if you plan to use these materials for construction reasons.

  • We can provide 304 stainless steel with more than semi-hard strength.
  • It can be used in Sinks, Scientific Apparatuses and other fields.
  • Thickness: 0.03mm~0.2mm

What is Hot rolling steel coil?

Yaoyi’s hot-roll steel coils that are heated by rough rolling units and rolling end units to make strip steel utilizing plates that are usually continuous casting plates, as raw materials. The hot stainless steel band of the last rolling mill is cooled by laminar flow to a fixed temperature and rolled by the coiler in a steel belt.

Following refraction, Yaoyi’s steel strips are transformed, by means of various fining lines such as leveling, straightening, cross-section or slitting, testing, weighing, packaging and marking, to steel plates, steel coils and slitting products, according to the user needs.

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What is Cold rolling coil steel?

Yaoyi’s steel coil is a steel strip that is rolling directly at normal temperature into a particular thickness and rolls into the entire belt with the winding tube.

Moreover, cold-rolled steel rolls have a brighter surface and a higher finish than hot-rolling steel coils; however, they also generate more inner stress and are commonly rinsed after cold rolling.

 Stainless Steel Cable Ties – YAOYI Stainless Steel  

What is Galvanized steel coil?

why are steel coils so hot

This type of steel plating is also Yaoyi manufactured using the hot-dip method, but immediately after leaving the tank, it is heated to around 500 °C to generate a zinc and iron alloy film. These galvanized steel belt types have strong adherence to paint and are weldable.

Due to the process, you may put into the molten zinc bath the thin steel plate to adhere the zinc coating to its area. The coiled steel sheet is generated mainly through continuous galvanizing processes, which is permanently immersed in a zinc-melten plate tank to produce galvanised sheets of steel and galvanized alloyed sheets of metal.

The steel coil galvalume is a structure made of aluminum-zinc alloy that consists of a 55% aluminum solidification, 43% zinc and 2% silicon, with a high temperature of 600°C.

This alloy is made up of dense quaternary aluminium-iron-silicon-zinc crystals as ensured by Yaoyi. 

 Stainless Steel Chemical Composition – YAOYI Stainless Steel  

What is PPGI steel coils?

PPGI steel coils are products of Yaoyi which are pre-treated after surface treatment (chemical degreezing and treatment of chemical conversion), coated by one or more organic paints, followed by baking and curing on the surface with the use of hot-dip galvanized sheets, hot-dip aluminum zinc sheets and electro galvanized sheets.

Also, it is named after a stainless steel coil covered in colors, known as a color coil, of diverse organic paint. A hot dip galvanized steel strap is the foundation material of the colored steel belt.

Yaoyi’s organic coating on the zinc layer also plays a part in the protection and protection of the zinc layer, avoiding the corrosion of the steel belt. Its lifetime is approximately 1.5 times higher than the galvanized belt.

 Stainless steel coil with high-quality and low-MOQ is provided in China.

What is Stainless steel coil?

what is steel coil used for

The coils are produced in a heating oven using hot rolling sheets of stainless steel. At a particular high temperature, the warm rolling procedure is carried out.

In the industry, this temperature is known as the recrystallization temperature of 1,100 °C to 1,300 °C, mainly dependent on the grade of steel used in the production process. The steel plate is operated constantly by a heater and then properly coated for the ultimate product.

Yaoyi’s steel coil from stainless steel is clothed and pickled after hot rolling and bobbing in order to get a softer and brighter finish without any oxide or impurity.

The stainless steel foil provided in China with high quality and best price.

What is Tinplate steel coil?

steel coils weight

In the prevention of corrosion and rust, tin plays a key role. It combines the strength and formability of steel with the resistance to corrosion, the solderability of the tin and the wonderful form of tin in a single substance. It possesses the properties of resistance to corrosion, non toxicity, high resistance and good ductility as promised by Yaoyi. 

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Steel Coil Suppliers: Production

steel coil price

The manufacturing process of Yaoyi’s steel coils differs, and there are two types: cold and hot.

When coils of steel are produced with the hot process, they are produced at 1700 Fahrenheit degrees. Producer will first receive a ticket and roll the ticket at the proper temperatures. The bill is heated. The billet will be allowed to cool thereafter.

Due to its cost-effectiveness, many producers are interested in this strategy. It is inexpensive for them, especially because the proportions and surface finishes do not have to be worried. You don’t bother about their height or width with hot steel rolls because they’re difficult to shape as you need them to refresh. Moreover, enterprises in the Philippines like Angle Bars like to utilize this approach on other steel goods. If you are on a budget, you might wish to get a hot steel coil.

On the other hand, a cold steel spindle is essentially a cooled, metal roll that has already passed the hot technique. More procedures are conducted at room temperature to gain these list of advantages:

Increased ratio of strength to weight

Enhanced polish of surface

More accurate size tolerances

The coil first passes through the “cold drawing” in order to strengthen the metal product. Then it is turned and grounded to remove any faults and get the desired outcome in its dimensions. Finally, the steel bob oxide layer is polished to provide better finishing on the surface.

Thus, it is also harder for intense pressures and heat to shatter and distort. The only disadvantage is its high price tag.

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Steel Coil Suppliers: Storage

sheet metal coil suppliers

In China it is crucial for you to know how to safely store unused products in your store when using steel products such as coils and angle-bars. By being careful how you keep these goods, you avoid the hazards that tumble down and strike others.

You can choose to set these in the ground or on supported racks when it comes to storing steel rolls. After choosing the two most suitable storage systems, you must learn:


This technique enables you to stack the spindles upside down, with separators in between, and to stop once the total height is 3.3 metres. Those who decide to maintain their materials straightforward must first recall that they are piled in diameter from big to little. Second, when heaped together, they should all be a centerline.


You select to arrange the spindles individually and side by side. This is the least dangerous storing method. All you need is to keep everything restrained so that it does not roll out.


Certain building businesses use horizontal stacking, however it is not generally encouraged. It is bad to apply this strategy as, compared to the two prior ways, the horizontal posture makes rolling and falling spins easier. When one has incorrectly painted its surface, the risks of things departing their racks grow. Secondly, workers like you are using the wrong shocks to wrap up or misplace these things together.

In addition, composing steel coils involves learning about many aspects. For many companies, it has become a beneficial substance as the materials are versatile in their usage. Finally, depending on your objective, there are a range of coils to pick from.

A Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Strips

For what is the use of steel coil?

galvanized steel coil manufacturers in usa

In the production industries including ships, automakers, bridges, building, equipment and pressure vessels, Yaoyi’s hot-rolled steel coils are used.

In addition, cold rolled steel coils are widely utilized in the manufacture of automobiles, electric products, rolling stock, aviation, precise tools, food storage etc.

In construction, cars, metallurgy, electronic equipment, etc. galvanised steel coils and galvanized steel coils are employed.

On the other hand, PPGI steel coil is lightweight, looks beautiful and performs well in the fight against corrosion and may be processed directly. They are widely used in the building, home appliances, electrical appliances, furniture and transport industries.

In cars, domestic devices, water industry, building and structural pages, environmental protection and other departments of industry, innovative steel coils are widely utilized in the automobile industry.

Further, tinplate is commonly used for food, pharmaceutical packaging, everyday packaging, device packaging, industrial packaging etc.

Always Provides You with the BEST Austenitic Stainless Steel Products

What is the steel coil Industrial applications?

Hot and cold steel coils at Yaoyi have, thanks to our adaptability, become an important commodity for many sectors.

For various reasons, the hot versions are priced by agricultural, railway and art.

1. The automotive industry

This is a rapidly growing application of stainless steel coils. The body structure of the high-force stainless steel coils can significantly reduce car weight, improve the structural strength of the body and reduce maintenance costs and decorative components by using the stainless steel coil plate. 

Additionally, Yaoyi’s stainless steel coil supplier the car exhaust system that is resistant to chloride corrosion and heat resistance. The automotive sector is key to the development of coil applications in stainless steel. 

2. Industry of water supply

The storage and transport of water pollution is increasingly concerning. Many practices have proved that preparing, storing, transporting, purifying and regenerating the water is better for the stainless steel belt, for example the desalination industry. 

Yaoyi’s steel coil supplier the benefits include: resilience to corrosion, earthwell, water, hygiene (rust, copper green), light weight (1/3), reduced maintenance, length of life (40 years), a low lifecycle cost (LCC) and recycling of materials which are part of the green environmental protection system. 

3. The construction industry

This was one of the earliest areas of coil application in Yaoyi’s steel coil supplier. The steel coil plate is currently used in the building decoration primarily for the exterior wall of the building, the inner and outer column coating, the rail, the floor, the elevators, the door and the window, the wall of the curtiness, the interior or exterior décor and the work piece. We supply the steel coil color after surface treatment that solves the problem, for example with fingerprints, and easily expands the range of stainless steel application after contact. 

4. Environment protection industry

Industrial waste gas and waste processing plants produce coils made from stainless steel. Resistant process of desulfurization, chloride-ion corrosion, iron ion, absorption tower, cooler etc. Sulfur dioxide flue gas. A duplex  steel coil and a high quality Yaoyi austenitic stainless steel coil are required for the pump, valve and flue are available for suppliers. 

5. Industrial installations and facilities

The developed countries using steel coils generally have the capacity to reach 15%. This is partly due to the fact that the whole set of imported industrial equipment, statistics on stainless steel coil materials, have not yet been used. In the chemical, petrochemical, chemical fibres, paper production, food, medicinal products, energy, antioxidants are required and the materials can be supplied by Yaoyi. 

In addition, maintenance has been entered for the existing imported equipment. Domestic industry facilities will be enhanced year by year in the future application of steel coil by improving the quality of domestic stainless steel rolling products and developing special brand products at Yaoyi. 

ASTM A240 Material: Applications and Classifications

Why is steel coil cold rolling cheaper?

galvanized steel coil manufacturers in usa

Due to Yaoyi’s hot-rolled steel coil and greater finish than that of the cold-rolling steel coil have been manufactured in raw materials.

The current automotive industry expansion of the steel coil application is based on the application of steel coil industry analysis. 

Hence, the steel coils are commonly utilized for busses, metro, high-speed rail travel and other public transport purposes. The home appliances business in China is a potential significant market for Yaoyi’s steel coil applications for stainless steel. 

Finally, the demand for steel coils also grows year-on-year in industries such as industrial, environmental, and water industry, building, and industrial facilities.

AISI 301 Chemical Composition: Characteristics, Compounds,and Grades

Can you provide more information about sheet metal coil suppliers?

Sheet metal coil suppliers, like the steel coil supplier mentioned above, are numerous. In addition to Nucor, U.S. Steel, and Steel Dynamics, companies like ArcelorMittal and AK Steel are also significant players in this space. These suppliers offer sheet metal coils in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel.

Why are steel coils so hot?

Steel coils can become hot during the manufacturing process. The process of hot rolling, where steel is heated above its recrystallization temperature and then passed through rollers, is one method that causes steel coils to become hot. It’s essential to handle these coils safely to prevent injuries.

How is the price of steel coils determined?

The price of steel coils is influenced by a variety of factors, including global market conditions, raw material costs, transportation costs, and tariffs or trade policies. Additionally, the specific type of steel, such as whether it’s galvanized or stainless steel, can also affect the price.

Can you explain the importance of the weight of steel coils?

The weight of a steel coil is a critical factor in multiple stages of the steel production and supply process. Firstly, the weight of the coil informs the transportation requirements, as heavier coils may need specialized handling and shipping methods. Secondly, coil weight can affect the machining process as heavier coils may require more robust machinery for uncoiling and processing. Lastly, the weight of a steel coil directly relates to the amount of steel present, which translates into the cost of the coil. Therefore, knowing the weight of a steel coil is essential for budgeting and planning in construction and manufacturing projects.

What is the primary use of steel coils?

Steel coils are versatile and used in various industries due to their strength and durability. They are commonly used in the construction industry for building infrastructure, residential, and commercial buildings. In the automotive industry, steel coils are used for vehicle body parts. Additionally, they are used in the production of household appliances, furniture, and in the packaging industry for creating containers and cans. They’re also crucial in the manufacturing of pipes and tubes, which are used in the oil and gas industry, among others.

How does the price of a steel coil get determined?

Several factors contribute to the price of a steel coil. The primary factor is the cost of raw materials, which is heavily influenced by global market conditions and demand. Additionally, the grade and quality of the steel, the complexity of the manufacturing process, and the coil’s weight also play significant roles. Lastly, market competition among steel coil suppliers can also affect the price. It is essential to remember that while price is a crucial factor, it shouldn’t compromise the quality and the specific requirements of your project.

Remember, choosing the right steel coil supplier is crucial in ensuring the success of your project. Make sure to conduct adequate research and choose a supplier that offers high-quality products at competitive prices and meets your project’s specific needs.

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