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Stainless steel has been around for over a century, and its applications have continuously evolved since then. From using stainless steel as a mere housing material, back in the day, to using it now for various things such as kitchenware, surgical appliances, chemical containers, and even strapping.


By now, you might be wondering, why strapping? 


Stainless steel strapping has been one of YAOYI’s best-selling products up to date, and various industries have been taking advantage of its affordable price and versatility.


In this article, you will learn why it is highly effective to use stainless steel strapping and why you should consider using one for your project(s).

What is Stainless Steel Strapping?

How to Use Stainless Steel Strap?

Where is Stainless Steel Strapping Commonly Used?

What Makes Stainless Steel Strapping Different from Normal Strapping?

What Makes Stainless Steel Strapping Great?

What does AISI Stand For?

What is Yield Strength?

What is Tensile Strength?

What is Elongation?


What is Stainless Steel Strapping?

So, what is stainless steel strapping?


Stainless steel strapping or also known as stainless steel banding is the process of using stainless steel that is designed to buckle things that are durable and hefty. Moreover, stainless steel strapping is built to withstand extreme forces, temperatures, and resist corrosion as well as water, abrasion, oxidation, etc.

BEST 304 Stainless Steel Products in China

Steel Grade: 301; 201; 304;316

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How to Use Stainless Steel Strap?

Stainless steel straps may look like your regular scotch tape or tape lying around your house, but it works completely different but not complicated.

Step 1

Insert the buckle on band a few inches away from the installer


Step 2

Then bend the end under the buckle with full force

Step 3

Wrap the stainless steel strap around the object to be bundled

Step 4

Insert the buckle then tighten it. Make sure the tightness is just right so that the objects you are bundling will not fall or get damaged from over tightening the buckle.

Step 5

Cut the excess part of the stainless steel strap with a stainless steel strap cutter.


For further concerns, you can get professional help and immediate accommodation from YAOYI’s service team.

Stainless Steel 316 And 316L Graded By The AISI System

Where is Stainless Steel Strapping Commonly Used?

Stainless steel strapping is commonly used by various industries and companies for bundling together durable steel coils, stainless steel tubes, and many more.


But when it comes to appliances, they are used to keep metal bindings together such as breaking doors. They are also used to secure the packaged glass to ensure that it stays in place to prevent damages and even just a scratch,


For transportations, stainless steel strapping keeps heavy loads in place during transportation. The materials bundled can be heavyweight and big size such as wood, concrete, stones, and other construction materials.


The security stainless steel strapping provides makes it very reliable and secure for packages that are in big sizes.


Can Also be Used in


As aforementioned, stainless steel banding is widely used because of its versatility, and since it can be capable of bundling materials of different sizes, people use it for the following:





And many more! The possibilities of wrapping or bundling materials by using stainless steel strapping are almost endless! There’s almost nothing it can bundle with high security.


ASTM A167: Composition, Properties, and Equivalent Grades

What Makes Stainless Steel Strapping Different from Normal Strapping?

Strapping materials with rope, straws, ratchet straps, etc. is simply not as reliable as stainless steel strapping.


In terms of temperatures, the examples above have a way more limited temperature breakdown compared to stainless steel. This puts bundled materials in an unstable and dangerous position.


Some of the examples above may not corrode, but there are other harmful elements as well that these examples cannot withstand such as water, oxidation, fire, and many more,


For these very reasons, industries choose the superior choice over alternatives for top security.

ASTM A167: Composition, Properties, and Equivalent Grades

What Makes Stainless Steel Strapping Great?

The real question here is, what doesn’t?


Have a good look at your surroundings, there is a high possibility that there are steel or stainless steel objects or products around you.


With that being said, there is a pretty good chance you have spotted one already after a little effort. This just proves that steel is and will always be essential even after a century from now.


It is not surprising that stainless steel can even be used as a bundling medium since it is even capable of being used as a roof, chemical container, transformer, acid reflector, and many more.


For specific reasons of what makes stainless steel strapping great, here are a few:




There is no doubt that steel can handle a beating, which is why it is considered one of the most reliable building materials. Stainless steel is used in almost every aspect in constructionism and there are various steel grades available out there for your convenience.


Stainless steel is also commonly used in telecommunications, medical facilities, drilling, automotive, home appliances, kitchenware, etc.

AISI 321


Saves Money


Stainless steel may be more expensive than other types of steel but it does not hide the fact that it lasts longer than the other types because it has superiormechanical properties and chemical compositions that other types of steel does not have.


In return, you will not have to constantly replace damaged steel in your project or house.


It is durable, and it lasts longer than other types of steel. They do not deteriorate nor rust.


Strong Resistance Properties (water and abrasion included)


Purchasing stainless steel strapping would be the best option you have when it comes to using it in areas that are in extreme conditions. It can withstand damaging elements and rust is no problem at all.


Rust is not a beautiful sight to see and it degrades the material you are bundling it to. 


However, this is not the case for stainless steel banding because it is water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and oxidation-resistant.


Yes, stainless steel is that secure.


You can absolutely trust stainless steel strapping for your materials to be protected from moisture.


Furthermore, its excellent anti-corrosive properties is a big win for harsh weather. This is the reason why it can take a beating outdoors whether it is cold or hot.


UV rays are not a problem as well since stainless steel does not deteriorate.




As you know, stainless steel is very versatile and can function for many purposes due to its amazing capabilities. 


Transportation, shifting weather, extreme temperatures, elasticity, are not a problem.


Stainless steel strapping does not shy away from heavy-duty tasks at all.


It is even used in installing traffic signs and securing electrical fixtures. Its capabilities are almost endless at this point.


This is the reason why there are a lot of products that are made of stainless steel.


Can be Combined with Tools

This is still related to its versatility because stainless steel is also used in supplementary tools.


This is because stainless steel itself is strong. In fact, it is one of the strongest metals on earth. Because of its strength, stainless steel is not very easy to work with.


But nonetheless, using tools such as stainless steel strapping cutters, can easily cut steel straps and other stainless steel products.


They are Available in Different Grades

Stainless steel has a lot of characteristics, and it is classified into steel grades, which you should also be familiar with in order to get the correct stainless steel banding you want. 


AISI 304 is considered an industry standard for many consumers and businesses due to its affordability and outstanding durable components such as corrosion-resistance, and other layers of protection.


AISI 316 is another option that is commonly used by people around the world for various applications. It is still durable, and it is capable withstanding all weather conditions and extreme moisture,


AISI 304 does very well in the food industry, but it is also used in a variety of applications, and it is capable of all conditions including high moisture as well.


AISI 316 is also referred to as “marine grade” because it is commonly used in marine applications due to its amazing corrosion resistance capabilities. AISI 316 can also be commonly found in refrigerators.


There are a lot of different steel gradesout there, and it might be overwhelming for you to choose which is the best one for you, which is why YAOYI is one call away to help you with your purchase decision.


YAOYI also has stocks for all steel grades for your convenience.

Is 301 Stainless Steel Magnetic?




Steel is economically-friendly because it is recyclable.


Almost all of the other types of steel can be used for other applications like road constructions, infrastructures, food commercials, etc. Steel is also very easy to reuse from scrap.

If you are an environmentalist, stainless steel is without a doubt your best choice. Stainless steel strapping can be sustainable as well.


There are Various Sizes


Of course, manufacturers are aware that not all jobs or projects are the same, which is why there are a lot of sizes available to choose from.


From small jobs to heavy-duty ones, we have all sizes available in YAOYI


The thicker the strap, the less malleable it will be. So this should be one of the factors you should consider when purchasing the right size for your strapping needs.


Banding is Essential


No matter what company or industry you are in, you will most likely encounter a situation wherein securing your materials is crucial.


That is where strapping or banding comes in. 


Stainless steel strapping is simply the superior choice for securing your materials to keep them in place.


Capable of Heavy-Duty Jobs


Stainless steel strapping handles the most amount of weight and tension before breaking.


So, it is no surprise that transporting heavy materials or keeping them in place is an easy task for steel banding. Whether it is moving or not, steel banding will be able to take care and keep your materials in place for you.


Plastic strapping will simply not work on heavy-duty materials. It cannot handle extreme conditions as well so its possibility of breaking is just as great as it is already.


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Frequently asked Questions about Stainless Steel Strapping:

Here are questions that are commonly asked by consumers who are intrigued in stainless steel and plan on purchasing.

J3 Stainless Steel : A Complete Guide For Importers

What does AISI Stand For?

The meaning of AISI was found back in 1908, and it stands for American Iron and Steel Institute. AISI was one of the companies that contributed a lot of effort together with the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) in standardizing the numbering system for steel we have today


What is J4 Stainless Steel? (And What Is It Used For)

What is Yield Strength?

Yield strength is when a steel is stressed by an amount that is less than it yields. This is also an important factor to determine a steel’s durability. Any steel that breaks easily under moderate tension is considered low steel grades that are not suited for big projects such as infrastructures.


In this case, the strength of stainless steel straps varies depending on what grade you choose. 


But regardless,  it is capable of going under a large amount of stress without showing any signs of breaking or damage.


Stainless Steel AISI 316Ti (S31635) By The AISI System

What is Tensile Strength?

Tensile strength is the resistance of steel to breaking under tension. Tensile strength plays a vital role in the flexibility or formability of the steel. For stainless steel strapping, this is crucial because you want your materials to be bundled securely.


If you are not sure what tensile strength you should use for your materials, you can contact YAOYI by clicking/tapping here. YAOYI will guide you to what tensile strength is appropriate for your projects since the wrong tensile strength risks your project from breaking.

Stainless Steel Belt: Characteristics, Advantages, and Applications

What is Elongation?

Some steels are capable of long stretches and this is important for its stainless steel strapping because you want your band to stretch as much as possible (Depending on how many materials you are bundling).


Steel elongation is the rate or percentage of how much the steel can stretch from its original length. The best stainless steel band would be one with the steel grade that is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and can stretch at least 40% from its original length.


Stainless Steel Cable Ties


Avoid rope, straws, plastic straps, cable ties, and other cheap alternatives to bundling your materials. This will only put your materials and the people in your surroundings in danger, which is why stainless steel strapping is the best choice for both small and heavy-duty jobs.


YAOYI has stocks in all different grades and sizes. Offering a fair quotation with the best services. For your stainless steel strapping needs and concerns, YAOYI is ready and happy to serve.



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