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Stainless Steel Clothes Dryer

Yaoyi Stainless Steel is a company that has more than 25 years of manufacturing cold-rolled stainless steel strip. We have a professional R&D team and an experienced production team. Therefore, our customers use cold-rolled stainless steel strip produced by yaoyi to manufacture many high-quality products. Among them, one company produces stainless steel clothes dryer.At the same time, we are also a socially responsible company. Because Yaoyi’s general manager knows that an excellent company not only has to pursue profit, but also has to bear social responsibility and environmental protection.


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Perhaps you are looking for some suppliers of stainless steel products. Choosing Yaoyi is always a right thing to help your business. Because our stainless steel products are wildly used in producing stainless steel clothes dryer and stainless steel drum and other machines.In the other hand, it is necessary for you to know more about us.

Everything You Need To Know:Stainless Steel Ties

Social responsibility

Yaoyi Stainless Steel provides school subsidies for our employees’ children. Not only that, Yaoyi also provides staff with good dormitories. Our dormitory has three floors, and 50 employees and their families can stay free of charge. Because of this, we can cultivate a group of loyal and experienced employees. We believe that only when the company and its employees have the same vision, and the company is willing to improve their welfare, can employees be stable.


Environmental responsibility

Yaoyi Stainless Steel is a company with almost zero pollution. First, the production noise of the production workshop is within the safe value range. Second, we have no industrial sewage discharge, only cooling water recycling. Third, the production of stainless steel does not produce harmful gases to pollute the environment or harm the health of residents.


All in all, Yaoyi Stainless hopes to become a sustainable enterprise with superb technology and reliable quality. So, we have always asked ourselves to be higher than the standard of the stainless steel industry. If you have any questions, please just send us an email.


ASTM A240 Material: Applications and Classifications


Yes, in general, the stainless steel dryer is better than other materials. The automatic washing machine is continuous washing and dehydration, while the drum-type washing and drying machine is continuous washing, dehydration and drying. Almost all drum-type washing and drying machines are used in the European market, while only fully automatic washing machines are popularized in Asia.


About 20 years ago

Japan began to sell domestically produced drum-type washing machines (horizontal type), which were not popular because of their high prices. Recently, we have developed and sold two types of washing machines that can feed the laundry from the upper part and from the diagonal direction. It is necessary to update the washing machine, which promotes a substantial expansion of sales.


What’s more…

In fully automatic washing machines, it is possible to use plastic buckets. Because the drum-type washing and drying machine has a drying function. Therefore, to heat and dry, you must use a stainless steel drying barrel. Because the stainless steel barrel has a double-layer structure, the amount of stainless steel used for one set is equivalent to more than two original sets. In terms of selected materials and processing methods, it is basically similar to a fully automatic washing machine. 


The key to stainless steel drum washing and drying machine is all stainless steel:

(1) Corrosion resistance;

(2) Heat resistance (continuous hot air drying after washing);

(3) Cleanness (mold is not easy to adhere to the back of the barrel wall).


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Yes, technically, the stainless steel dishwashers are better in following reasons.


Long history

In European and American countries, the popularity of tableware washing and drying machines is relatively high, but due to the limited area of the kitchen in China, they have not yet been popularized. Around 1990, their penetration rate was still below 10%. However, only in a few communities with high income groups and newly built Used in residential areas. In some cases, the small kitchens can install the small dish washer and dryer. But in the end, looking forward to becoming a large household appliance, several companies participated in the decision to develop and sell dishwashers and dryers suitable for a variety of room types (including thin ones).


High temperature resistance

Put detergent into the dish washer and dryer, and wash and dry the dishes at a high temperature of about 90°C. From the beginning, the inner box was made of stainless steel seam welding. In 1995, 0-157 food poisoning incidents occurred in Japan. The products of various home appliance manufacturers that used to wash in warm water were changed to new products that were washed at temperatures above 90°C.


Good corrosion resistance

Used tableware, because of the ingredients such as salt and soy sauce, requires the materials to have sufficient corrosion resistance. When SUS304 (18Cr-8Ni) was used at the beginning, due to salt and temperature, stress corrosion cracking occurred in the welding part. For this purpose, the Hi-Si material of SUS 304 JI (18Cr-7Ni-2Cu) which is resistant to stress corrosion cracking was developed.

Around 2000, manufacturers faced housewives, prioritizing the cleanliness of washing machine barrels, and displaying stainless steel outer boxes in the windows. At present, almost all home appliance manufacturers use stainless steel plates with a thickness of 0.4 to 0.6 mm for the outer and inner boxes. Considering the requirements of “ingenuity” and fingerprint resistance of the outer box, transparent coated stainless steel is adopted.

In conclusion, key points of stainless steel dishwasher:

(1) Add detergent, wash and dry the utensils at a high temperature of about 90℃;

(2) Corrosion resistance (resistance to stress corrosion cracking);

(3) Cleanliness.

A Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Strips


Processing aspect: The upper and lower heads are made of stainless steel sheet with a thickness of 1.0~1.2mm and are stamped.

The cylinder is 0.6~0.8mm, welded into a cylinder by TIG, and then the upper head is welded from the inside, and the lower head is welded from the outside. Considering that the upper part of the water heater changes repeatedly between the gas phase and the liquid phase due to the change of the water level, and the chlorine concentration gradually increases, which is prone to corrosion, most of the upper welds are welded from the inside. As mentioned earlier, it is worth noting that the gap between the lower head and the cylinder should be strictly controlled.



Stainless steel electric water heater tanks will be more expensive than enamel materials, but it is worth it. Because it will not rust. As we all know, the water quality in many places is not good, because there are many impurities, it is alkaline. Over time, impure water and air will slowly corrode water heaters made of non-stainless steel. Therefore, if stainless steel is used to produce electric water heaters, its corrosion resistance will be better, and its economic benefits will be higher in the long run.


What is Stainless Steel Strapping?

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