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Stainless steel news on march 19: On March 12, the International Nickel Association and the Stainless Steel and Special Alloys Alliance discussed the status of nickel used in the stainless steel industry and the implementation path of achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality in the stainless steel and special alloy industry. Both parties are holding industry conferences and seminars, leading In-depth exchanges were conducted on cooperation in new directions for industry development and other aspects.


On March 12th, Song Quanming, Chief Representative of the Beijing Representative Office of the International Nickel Association, and Li Xianzi, General Assistant, visited the Stainless Steel and Special Alloy Alliance. The status quo of industrial nickel and the implementation path of achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality in the stainless steel and special alloy industries. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on cooperation in holding industrial conferences and seminars, and leading the new direction of industry development.


Since its establishment in 1997, the International Nickel Association has supported emerging and existing nickel applications, including stainless steel, through market expansion, scientific research, media promotion, etc., promoted the development of markets in various countries, and continued to conduct cutting-edge scientific research related to human health and the environment. , To fully promote and support the proper healthy application of nickel. At present, the member companies of the International Nickel Institute represent approximately 85% of the world’s raw nickel production excluding China.


During the exchange, both parties stated that the alliance and the International Nickel Association have a large space for cooperation, and will strive to integrate resources and complement each other by co-organizing international seminars, collaborative research on industrial project reports, sharing data results, and sharing industrial technology information. Promote the green and innovative development of the stainless steel, special alloy and nickel industrial chain. In particular, carbon peaking and carbon neutrality have become the key tasks of global development. Optimizing the industrial structure and energy structure will be the main goals of future industrial development. The two sides will continue to explore the relevant aspects of renewable energy, clean energy, and carbon emission reduction. The in-depth cooperation of the project will achieve the established goal of green, low-carbon and high-quality development of the entire industrial chain of stainless steel and special alloy new materials.

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