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Stainless steel is the main type of special steel, domestic stainless steel crude steel production in 2020 30.14 million tons, and the formation of Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangsu Wuxi four major clusters. Stainless steel giants in China — The industry’s top ten companies include Baowu TISCO, Qingshan, Beibuwan New Materials, Jiangsu Delong, etc., with a share of 81%, with the future release of new steelmaking capacity concentration, the concentration of China’s stainless steel industry is expected to further improve.

The stainless steel industry in 2020 on the surface of the waves, but in fact is the dark current, stainless steel giants Baowu, Castle Peak are constantly accumulating strength, Jiangsu Delong nickel industry is stirring up a storm.

The year 2021 has just begun, Baowu stainless steel headquarters hanging debut. TISCO successfully completed the industrial and commercial changes at the end of last year on December 23, officially becoming a member of the China Baowu family; on December 30, TISCO Group Trust Baosteel Desheng and Ningbo Baoxin agreement signing ceremony was held at the Baowu Building; on January 15 this year, China Baowu Stainless Steel Headquarters and China Baowu Shanxi Headquarters settled in Taiyuan, Baowu general manager Hu Wangming said he would strive to spend five years to TISCO Group Build into China Baowu stainless steel industry integrated operation of the flagship platform company, the world’s most competitive stainless steel whole industry chain enterprise group.

After the integration of Baowu TISCO Group has the ability to break hands with the world’s largest stainless steel Qingshan Group, January 26, TISCO proposed 2021 and the “14th Five-Year Plan” of the main goals: 2021 production of 15.05 million tons of steel, including 6.4 million tons of stainless steel; the end of 2023, the production of 20 million tons of steel, including 15 million tons of stainless steel; 2025, the end of 2025, TISCO Group will be the flagship of the stainless steel industry. By the end of 2023, steel production will be 20 million tons, including 15 million tons of stainless steel; by the end of 2025, steel production will be 25 million tons, including 18 million tons of stainless steel, and the self-sufficiency rate of nickel and chromium resources will be more than 30% and 50% respectively, with revenue reaching 200 billion. 

Unlike TISCO Group’s bigger and stronger, Qingshan Group, a leading stainless steel company and the leader in sales revenue of private steel companies, after producing up to 11.4 million tons of stainless steel crude steel in 2019 (9.19 million tons domestically), in 2020, in addition to the Qingtuo special steel project already under construction, also plans to add 4 million tons of stainless steel production capacity in Yangjiang, while moving the focus to extend the industrial chain.

As the controller and largest producer of globally important nickel resources, Qingshan Group relies on the ferronickel smelting industry to occupy 12% of the world’s production capacity with about 300,000 tons of nickel equivalent per year; in the development of nickel-chromium alloy materials, it has now reached nearly 100 billion in sales revenue and become a first-tier supplier to companies such as Apple; Rui Pu Energy, which was established in October 2017 with an investment of 1.73 billion yuan, is engaged in the development of new energy vehicle power batteries and research and development of grid energy storage batteries, has occupied the 8th place in the domestic market, achieving large-scale delivery to SAIC, GM, Wuling, Weimar, Dongfeng, etc.; in 2018, with Greenmax, Bump Cycle and other enterprises plan to invest $700 million in nickel resources smelting and deep processing in Indonesia, using Indonesia’s laterite nickel ore to produce battery-grade nickel chemicals.

Compared with the Stainless steel giants: Baowu Group and Qingshan Group, Jiangsu Delong Nickel is considered a catfish in the stainless steel industry. The owner of this company, located in Yancheng Ringshui Coastal Economic Development Zone, is Dai Guofang, a big name in the steel industry, which was established in August 2010 and has built a full-process industrial chain with the integration of ironmaking, steelmaking, steel rolling, solid solution pickling and cold rolling, with invoiced revenue of 75 billion in 2019. The company has more than 8,000 Chinese employees and 10,000 foreign employees, with a domestic production base of 1 million tons of ferronickel smelting capacity, 1.12 million tons of stainless steel smelting capacity, 2 million tons of stainless steel rolling capacity, and 1.36 million tons of stainless steel capacity under construction.

In October 2020, ont of the Stainless steel giants – Delonghi Nickel became the reorganizer of Jiangsu Shente, and plans to provide 5.8 billion yuan to settle the debts of the enterprise, and at the same time invest another 13 billion yuan to build a 2.5 million tons stainless steel project in Shente. 2.5 million tons of stainless steel project.

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