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The Guide Of American Stainless Steel Tube Standard


1. This standard does not include the new standards after 2006, and does not remove the standards abolished after 2006;

2. The last standard number is the latest edition year number. For example, 03, 04, and 05 are the revised editions of the year (first time) respectively. Marked in turn. If there is no modification during the latest annual review, it will be expressed as -01 (2005);

3. The original text with (T) in the standard name is stainless steel Tube or Tubing, and its specifications are directly expressed by outer diameter × wall thickness; the original with (P) is Pipe or Tubular Products. Its specifications are expressed in NPS;

4. Except the ID is indicated as the inner diameter, the scale range is the millimeter value (mm×mm) of the outer diameter (OD) × wall thickness (t).

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