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The latest news on the stainless steel market:

Affected by the announcement of TSINGSHAN Group’s annual production of 100,000 tons of nickel ice ore in Indonesia, the price of stainless steel continued to fall, and the Chinese stainless steel market experienced a week of rapid price decline.

The following table is the latest quotation of China’s stainless steel market on March 11, 2021.


This form contains: 

the latest stainless steel quotations from distributors of stainless steel manufacturers such as TSINGSHAN HOLDING GROUP, TISCO, JISCO, BAOSTEEL, FUXIN, LEWAR, etc.


What do you think of this price, will it continue to fall?


  1. The TSINGSHAN HOLDING GROUPis China’s largest privately owned steel group.
  2. The Baosteel Group is the largest steel group in the world.


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