Yaoyi Stainless Steel has established a factory for more than 25 years. 

We have rich experience in manufacturing cold-rolled stainless steel strip. 

Moreover, we have many clients who have cooperated for many years, using cold-rolled stainless steel coils produced by us to manufacture stainless steel washer inner tanks and dryer inner tanks. Also, many technical parameters of cold-rolled stainless steel strip are derived from the practical experience of Yaoyi’s R&D team, and are closely combined with production practices to help you manufacture high-quality stainless steel products.

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The application of stainless steel in stainless steel washer and dryer

Material evolution of stainless steel washing machines and dryers

In the history of the development of stainless steel, due to its “innovation”, “corrosion resistance”, and “functionality” received market recognition, so that Yaoyi stainless steel company and the wide application of stainless steel have achieved good development. Taking automobile exhaust system components as an example, stainless steel materials are upgraded in accordance with regulations or legal requirements. However, in markets outside of regulations or laws, they are basically dominated by the price of raw materials. Therefore, the same is true in the stainless steel washer and dryer market. When the price drops, the demand-side choice will increase, and there will be a trend of large adoption of stainless steel. Conversely, when the price of nickel raw materials rises, the voice will change from stainless steel to other materials.

Grade 304 Stainless Steel Foil

The trend of conversion to surface-treated steel sheets

Since the year 2020, the price of nickel raw materials has skyrocketed and the imbalance between supply and demand has caused the price of stainless steel to rise, not only leading to the upgrade of the 300 series stainless steel coils to the 400 series’s, but also in the field of fierce price competition such as household appliances, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of stainless steel plates. The trend of conversion to surface-treated steel sheets. There are also refrigerators, rice cookers and other manufacturers, many of which use transparent coated stainless steel. Due to the limitation of the types of applicable machines, their use range is not wide enough.

ASTM A240 Material: Applications and Classifications

The best stainless steel coils and strips we provide

All in all , our stainless steel coils such as 304 stainless steel strips and 430 stainless steel coils are perfect for stainless steel washers. Therefore, Yaoyi is not only a cold-rolled stainless steel strip manufacturer, we have rich experience and can provide you with a total solution, from the selection of materials, performance requirements, and price, freight and other aspects to solve your problems. If you still have some questions, here are the answers we prepared. Of course, you can contact our experts for help.

What are the advantages of stainless steel washer?

During 1992, there are two home appliance giants discussed changing the washing tub of fully automatic washing machines from resin to stainless steel. And in that time, the fully automatic washing machine uses 1 washing tub from washing to dehydrating. The two-tub (or double-tub) washing machine, because washing and dehydration are carried out separately, can reduce the size of the dehydration barrel, and then increase its speed to complete efficient washing and dehydration. However, the problem with the fully automatic washing machines at that time was that the low strength of the resin made the bucket heavier, the rotation speed was difficult to increase, and the dehydration time was too long.  That is saying, if the washing tub is made of stainless steel, the weight can be reduced, the rotation speed can be greatly increased, and the dehydration time can be shortened. In addition, due to the limitation of apartment size, housing in many areas has regulations on the length and width of stainless steel washer. Therefore, with the same outline size, increasing the capacity of the washing tub, stainless steel is the most suitable choice.  Also, the cleanliness of resin buckets is hard to compare with stainless steel buckets (this is also the highlight of promoting stainless steel strips). In order to ensure the strength of the resin washing bucket, a convex-concave reinforced groove must be made on the reverse side, but this will cause mold to grow in the groove, which is unacceptable when the mold is severe.

All in all:

The focus of the stainless steel washer bucket is the conversion from resin to stainless steel:

(1) Due to the light weight, the speed can be increased (800r/min to 1000r/min);

(2) The washing capacity can be increased without changing the washing machine model (4~5kg type to 6~7kg type);

(3) Cleanliness (the opposite side of the barrel wall is not prone to mold).

ASTM A167: Composition, Properties, and Equivalent Grades

What material is the most suitable for the internal cylinder (inner tank) of the stainless steel washer?

The primary problem of using stainless steel coil is to increase costs. Since all manufacturers of household appliances have injection molding equipment, it is not economical to compare the production cost of resin and stainless steel. Even so, two home appliance giants (as early mentioned before, in Japan) have launched fully automatic stainless steel washer tubs on the market. Due to their cleanliness, their sales have exploded, and other home appliance manufacturers have decided to make the stainless steel washers all in stainless steel. Furthermore, even clothing dryers from various manufacturers have changed from surface-treated steel plates to stainless steel. This kind of good situation is not only in Japan, but also in neighboring South Korea. In the selection of all kitchen utensils that are exposed to water, most of them use stainless steel, the representative steel SUS304 (18Cr-8Ni), because SUS430 (18Cr) is worrying due to the rust problem. After comparing the cost of SUS430 (18Cr) and resin washing tanks, ferritic steel types SUS430 (18Cr), SUS430LX (18Cr-Ti, Nb-LC), SUS436L (18Cr-1Mo-Ti, Nb-LC), etc. are used For deep-drawn products, repeated wetting and drying tests are performed using a mixed aqueous solution of tap water and washing powder (detergent). As the boundary steel of the washing machine environment, they selected SUS430LX. Adopting welding structure or riveting structure, can ensure sufficient corrosion resistance.

Stainless Steel 316 And 316L Graded By The AISI System

How to produce and process stainless steel washer inner tank/ internal cylinder?

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BEST 304 Stainless Steel Products in China

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