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What is the use of stainless steel in construction?

Stainless steel has always been an excellent material showing the modern image of advancing with the times in the history of construction application for about 90 years so far, and it has had a huge impact on international architectural design. It gives the building long-term durability and sustainability, and enhances safety and reliability. Practice has proved that as long as the ss material is selected and maintained correctly, it will have the same life span as the building structure, or even several hundred years. Therefore, for any design that requires long life, stainless steel is an attractive, low-cost, high-yield, and environmentally friendly material.

AISI 301 Equivalent: Components, Processing, and Applications

The most common ss in the field of building structures are 304 and 316 and their low-carbon grades 304L and 316L

AISI 301 Chemical Composition: Characteristics, Compounds,and Grades

AISI 304; AISI  301; AISI 316;AISI 316L…


Stainless steel is also used in many parts of the building, such as roofing, exterior walls, exterior shading, ecological curtain walls, green plant walls, and so on.

ASTM A240 Material: Applications and Classifications

It can also be seen everywhere in bridges, railings and other projects