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yaoyi stainless steel Coil Manufacturer passed CE and ISO 9001 certification. The main production includes AISI 304AISI 316, AISI 304L, AISI 301 and AISI 201 austenitic stainless steel. Excellent mechanical properties can provide your products with high tensile strength and hardness raw material support, helping you produce more market-competitive products.

This article provides you with recommendations of stainless steel coil suppliers or steel coil manufacturing companies from around the world, detailing their advantages and addresses.

Steel Coil Manufacturers

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Steel Coil Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Yaoyi’s steel coil manufacturer employ an ERP production management system, which is uniquely tailored to ensure delivery. Yaoyi offers solutions, be they in steel coils for commercial enterprises or for traditional plants. With the MOQ, you can sell or manufacture enough steel coils. Yaoyi offers you the right steel coil price and good quality.

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What is a Steel Coil?

Steel coils are a valuable and space-efficient way to store sheet metal, used in many ways in almost every market. Steel coils are produced using the hot-rolled or cold-rolling process, which progressively flattes metal ingots into sheets. 

Therefore, steel coils come in steel, copper, bronze and many other sorts of alloys and can be purchased in particular sizes, widths, gages and finishes of surface. Sometimes they come with an insertion of a hollow tube at their heart like paper towel rolls, which enables Steel Coil Manufacturers to mount and supply these coils with stamping machines and other equipment, making this material easy to provide. 

Notably, steel coils are an important material for modern engineering, and because of their availability and their range of possibilities, they are valuable for automotive, building, electrical, consumers, residential, utilities and many other applications.

AISI 316L & AISI 316: Everything You Need To Know – Yaoyi stainless steel 

Types of Steel Coil

Hot-rolled steel coil

Yaoyi’s hot-rolled steel coil is a high-temperature steel plate that makes manipulating the steel easier. Hot rolling steel reduces time and is cheaper to Steel Coil Manufacturer, because of the rapid and uncomplicated process.

Moreover, the hot rolls in hot strip mills, which can be semi-continuous, continuous, revolving or reversing, generate hot-rolled steel spins. Coils can also be formed by manufacturing compact strips. The coils have a wide variety of applications after hot-rolling: they are used to create profiles and forms for building and building equipment as well as general and special purpose pipes. Hot-rolled coil is also utilized for cold-rolling bobbin production.

Cold-rolled steel coil

The cold-walled steel coil manufacturer by Yaoyi offers a better finish than hot-rolled steel and is longer lasting. The refrigeration procedure is a method in which the steel rolls below its recrystallization temperature at room temperature. While cold-rolling steel bobbins are taller than other coils, higher carbon content allows cold-rolling steel to be difficult to handle.

As such, the steel coils of cold rolling steel are manufactured of rolling coils, without preheating, in continuous or rolling mowers. Cooling enables the coiled steel to have highly exact diameters, high surface quality and a broader mechanical range. The construction, automobile and home appliances industries are the principal customers of cold-rolling coils.

Galvanized steel coil

A galvanized coil of steel is generated by a heated process, which dips the metal into zinc for a smooth and pleasant coating. The coating generates a high resistance to rust and extends the life of the steel coils.

Yaoyi’s galvanized steel coils consist of a steel product with a specialized thickness zinc coating. The zinc layer protects the base of the steel from air exposure. Depending on the nature and conditions of the finished product, the thickness of the layer may vary. In the construction, automotive and decorative coating industries, galvanized steel coils are employed.

In a similar manner, the galvanized stain, Yaoyi Steel Coil Manufacturer is a hot dip method which is used to soak the metal into a liquid zinc alloy bath. In general, galvanized steel is thinner and painting is more valuable than other procedures.

Polymer-coated steel coil

A polymer-coated steel coil consists of the hot or cold-roll stainless steel foundation, which has a decorative painted layer, with and without a zinc coating. In Yaoyi’s production of coated coiled steel, the strips are chemically prepared, the roller paint is applied and the strips are heat-treated to polymerize the layer. In construction, machine construction and consumer manufacture, coated coiled steel is employed.

Best AISI 321 stainless steel products are available- YAOYI Stainless Steel

  • We can provide 304 stainless steel with more than semi-hard strength.
  • It can be used in Sinks, Scientific Apparatuses and other fields.
  • Thickness: 0.03mm~0.2mm

What is a manufacturer of a steel coil?

steel coils weight

Yaoyi stainless steel manufacturer is the best example of a steel coil manufacturer. We supply steel coils to customers, whether from external manufacturers with distributed stock or from their own internal manufacturing capabilities. 

In addition, steel coil manufacturers can form part of a metal foundry or merely a warehouse that offers various coils that customers can select together with other metal stock form factors (particularly steel foundries) (such as rods, plates, etc). Metal coil service providers nonetheless offer varied lengths, widths, gage and finishing options and support clients for shipping, transportation and most other coil-related requirements.

ASTM A167: Composition, Properties, and Equivalent Grades – YAOYI

Production of steel coil

Yaoyi’s steel coil is a finished sheet of steel or strip, coiled or wound with more width than its thickness after rolling. The steel coil can be weather resistant, moisturised and environmentally friendly with different coatings. The steel coil is made in several procedures according to the intended result.

ASTM A240 Type 304: Properties, Pricing, and Applications – YAOYI

Cold-rolled Manufacturing Process

sheet metal coil suppliers

In terms of variability and specification of raw materials and products, the process of manufacturing cold roll coils is slightly different. Following is the overall process of the cold-rolled steel coil. 


The surface iron oxide scale of the hot rolling spindle is removed by a continuous beeping system.

Then, acid is hydrochloric acid now mainly in use.

The first process is welding and rolling before beeping, some of them are also continuously “black rinsing.”

After beating, wash, dry, trim, and roll the next process.

Rolling in cold

After pickling the billet is rotated in the cold mill, generally without the intermediate rubbing to the thickness of the finished product. 

Next is the overall cold rolling rate is 60 / 80 percent, mainly roll-out auto plates, enamel plates and galvanized plates with 0.3 / 3 mm. The total compression rate is 60 ~ 80 percent. 

Six tandem mill booths are used primarily to roll tin sheets with a 0.15 ~ 0.5mm thickness and the overall cold roll compression rate is generally about 70 ~ 90 percent. 


The goal of rinsing is to eliminate cold roll hardening and to re-install and smooth the stainless steel plate. 

Thus, the receding procedure involves rectifying the coil with the furnace cover and continuous rectifying with an ongoing oven. 

The coil adjustment is divided into a close belt and a loose body adjustment. 

Also, the continuous rinsing of the furnace is divided into vertical, continuous rinsing and horizontal rinsing of the continuous furnace. 

The furnace generally contains protective glasses. 

Currently, most of them adopt furnace annealing due to flexible and economical investment. 


The aim of leveling is to prevent plastic instability and to improve the quality of the annealed steel sheet (flatness and surface condition) when stamping.

Consequently, the leveling mill has two different types, reversible single stand and double stand, and its leveling compression rate is 0.5 ~ 4 percent.

For secondary cold rolling and further rolling of a small steel sheet, a double stand rolling mill with high efficiency and high compression rate can be used.

Hence, when working with the five continuous rolling mills, the coating, shearing and packing require a 0.10 ~ 0.15 mm stainless steel plate sent to the processing unit of the galvanizing, tin or organic coating units.


Remember that it is usually sheared after leveling and slitting and cutting are usually in the process as well.

The split is cut to the edge or to the width of a needle, the cut to length depends on the length of the sheet to be cut. 6. Packing and delivery of the cold rolling steel coils covered in anti-rusting oil, packaging and supply to customers after inspection and classification.

Grade 304 Stainless Steel Foil – YAOYI Stainless Steel 

Hot-rolled Manufacturing Process

steel coil mill

Yaoyi maintains a completely automated full-end production system, driven by state-of-the-art equipment and technology. This enables us to offer high quality and high-performance products to customers. 


In an ongoing casting plant, steel sheets are initially placed in a heating oven before they are moved to the rolling work of stainless steel. Scale Brushing (VSB) is used to remove the thickness which can form on a warm plate’s surface. 


The surface section is plated in the correct form, thickness and width from roller-mounted material. Please remove the sheets. In the entrance and exit area of the rough mill, the belt rolls in direction to the width with an automatic width control system (AWC). 

Finishing Rolling

The purpose of rolling finishing is to adjust the spiral thickness, spiral width and smooth surface and shape at the proper finishing temperature. Increase the productivity of the factory through control of its crownshape and improves the quality of the finalized coil with advanced equipment such as Work Roll Shift Mills, Pair Cross Mills and Online Grinders (ORG). 

Run out table and coiling

Steel strips pass to the run-out table and are sprayed after the mill. When rolling on the table, the strips are sprayed with water to cool them to the correct coiling temperature.

How To Find The Right Stainless Steel Supplier – YAOYI Stainless Steel

Steel coil manufacturer: Quality Assurance

steel coil price

Since in so many applications metal coils are needed, numerous providers can select form. 

For some, it can be difficult to find the precise thing you need when time is of essence. No matter the size or kind of steel coil, we guarantee the compliance with ISO 9001 2015 accreditation of our goods with excellent quality for your customized applications. Our steel products come from the most prestigious and best grade mills. Our success stems from our steadily rising reputations for delivering products that satisfy professional requirements for a decade.

Yaoyi has a full range of adaptable steel spindle choices available in a range of diameters, grades, surface treatments and shapes. Our team of expert ingenieurs ensures that all spirals are tested and other competitive products are superior to that of the top-rated customer satisfaction steel coil supplier in China.

Henceforth, the partnerships we have been building with a number of firms for over 70 years have been an example of Steel Warehouse. We are the leader in the steel sector in North America and Brazil for customer satisfaction. We are delighted to assist you with the adaptation of your steel coil projects. Our services include building, aircraft, automotive, agricultural, milling, defence, and energy. 

What do Yaoyi Manufactures?

Yaoyi stainless steel coil manufacturer a variety of metal stock including the wire, strip, sheets, panels, rods, bars and tubes. We are specialists for high quality goods from copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, steel and stainless steel, and their coils are available for different alloys. We will deliver services to partnered clients in modest to large amounts of output.

Furthermore, we also distribute in various grades and in various storage choices for titanium, stainless steel, nickel, aluminum, brass, bronze and other alloys. We also supply secondary manufacturing such as splitting, burning, leveling, polishing and many more besides pipes, bars, tubes, rods, sheets, bobbins and other fabric. It serves the medical, petroleum, gas, construction and transport sectors.

In addition, we have flat rolling galvanized coils and sheets, cold rolling, bondering, hot rolling and stainless steel. We may offer 0.25-inch to 30-gage sheet coils and do not restrict how much a client is able to buy or how little. We offer both conventional and customized stainless steel stocks for instant pickup.

 J2 Stainless Steel: A Complete & Thorough Guide 

Steel Coil Manufacturers: Yaoyi Steel Coil Applications

Yaoyi is a seller of steel stock goods for building and energy, technology, industry and machinerical production customers. Steel also offers laser cutting, beveling, taping, rolling, forming, countersinking, burning and numerous superficial applications in addition to its vast array of alloys and shaping options.

Moreover, we are a specialty metal and alloy supplier in the high-tech industry. We control spanning alloys, electrical alloys, soft metal and others that are available for rapid delivery in sheets, plates, bobbins, strips and other warehousing

Yaoyi is a major contributor for commercial aerospace and defense applications including aerospace metals, aviation aluminum, super alloys, exposed metals and more. We concentrate on the high-stress industries that require precise, robust and quality raw materials. Our metals are produced in many types, shapes and possibilities.

Our slit spindles may be fully traced and are designed for the manufacturing, food processing, consumer, architectural, building and automotive industries. Each coil is inspected, polished and can be completed to assure total compliance with actual chemistry.

Yaoyi is a global client distributor of ferrous and non-ferrous metal stocks. Alloys A-1 is one of the focuses on accelerating all the delivery operations of government, military, maritime, trade and other key industries irrespective of their size or location. We offer both manufacturing services and, if requested, precious metal refinement.

J3 Stainless Steel : A Complete Guide For Importers 

Steel Coil Manufacturers: Yaoyi Customer Service

Yaoyi is offering clients with the best quality products as the top stainless steel supplier. We are proud to devote time and effort to helping our customers select the correct product for whatever project they are dealing with.

Thus, we are a specialist in aerospace, energy, military, petrochemical and scientific non standard metal supplies.

The company’s anodized aluminum coils, sheets and substrata supplies provides additional adhesive backrest, anodizing, pre coatings, presion-sensitive adhesive and masking finishes for the huge shipments of aluminum spindles. It mainly serves the automotive, namesake, furniture, lighting and screen printing industries, but also offers customized storage schemes.

Finally, we are a customer-centered enterprise that can promptly provide stock and obtain metals that are currently unavailable while offering various alternatives to purchase any goods. Our experts in the field of materials may answer almost any query about your application as we also manufacture flat rolled rolling sheet steel. With extra slitting, chemical analysis, and prompt rolling around services, their wide selection of steel coil options can be purchased and they offer several uncoated and covered buyers’ steel options. that require iron and steel products.

J4 stainless steel Food Grade : the best you can find & purchase. 

Top Stainless Steel Manufacaturer – Outokumpu

Location And Contact

Outokumpu is one of the leading stainless steel coil manufactuer located in Salmisaarenranta 11, Helsinki, Finland. Outokumpu is a world company that is a leader of stainless steel. It is the Outokumpu is the creator of stainless steel, and has decades of experience in manufacturing modern materials. Outokumpu offers nine product lines that include ferritic, austenitic martensitic and duplex the stainless steel grade.


Outokumpu is a global player in the marketplace for stainless steel. The demand for stainless steel in the world is rising due to the need for of sustainable and long-lasting solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. The long-term perspectives for the increased consumption for stainless steel appear favorable. Outokumpu’s share in the world market for cold-rolled goods is about 4percent. In Europe Outokumpu is the market leader with 25% market share. We are the second-highest within the Americas with an estimated market share of 23 percent.

Stainless steel, which was invented over around a century ago is a great material for creating long-lasting solutions in demanding tasks including bridges, cutlery or medical equipment, as well as energy and medical equipment. It is recyclable, resistant to corrosion, maintenance-free as well as hygienic, durable and long-lasting. Outokumpu’s production centers within Finland, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, the UK and the US offer a variety of stainless steel products including cold and hot roll coil products as well as quarto plate and long products of different sizes and grades. We also have a an international network of sales organizations as well as service centres. Outokumpu is unique in its advantage in the market due to our own mine for chrome and ferrrochrome production in Finland. Outokumpu employs around 9,500 employees across over 30 different countries. The company’s headquarters are at Helsinki, Finland, and its shares have been listed on Nasdaq Helsinki since 1988.

Stainless steel coil with high-quality and low-MOQ is provided 

Top Stainless Steel Manufacaturer – North American Stainless (NAS)

Location and Contact

North American Stainless (NAS) is an Ameircan Stainless steel coil supplier with over 30 years of manufacturing experience located at 6870 Highway 42 East, Ghent, KY 41045, USA.


Established in the year 1990 North American Stainless (NAS) has been through various phases of expansion in order to become the biggest, completely integrated stainless Steel Coil Manufacturer within the U.S. Although North American Stainless (NAS) are achieved a lot within a short time, North American Stainless (NAS) are still focused on being the top stainless steel supplier of high-quality stainless steel throughout the Western Hemisphere.

North American Stainless (NAS) site located in Carroll County, Kentucky, permitted us to construct an advanced production facility in 1400 acres close to a major interstate highway having direct access directly to the Ohio River. Since it was an “greenfield” project, we were able to design the layout of the facility to ensure maximum effectiveness and to offer the entire selection of stainless long and flat products that have competitive delivery times. With all of NAS’s production lines located on site, we can avoid the inevitable delays that occur for mills that are locations that are geographically dispersed.

As a member of the Acerinox Group, recognized as one of the largest stainless steel producers, NAS has access to worldwide resources and has a presence in the most important international markets, allowing us to provide services to customers who are not from the U.S. The most important asset is our employees. NAS personnel have received taught at our headquarters and abroad.

25 Years of 301 Stainless Steel Strip Manufacturer With Best Price 

Stainless Steel Coil Manufacturing Companies – Cleveland-Cliffs

Location and Contact

Cleveland-Cliffs is an American owned and operated stainless steel coil manufacturer focused on developing and cold rolling for the local market.Cleveland-Cliffs is headquartered at 6870 Highway 42 East, Ghent, Kentucky 41045, USA.


Cleveland-Cliffs is the biggest flat-rolled steel producer across North America and the largest producer of steel that is automotive-grade within the U.S. We concentrate on the highest-quality, technologically sophisticated steel that meets the highest specifications and performance standards of customers.

We provide flat-rolled carbon steel stainless, electrical plates, tinplate, long steel products stainless and carbon steel tubing, as well as cold and hot stamping as well as tooling. The entire range of products we offer is backed by top-of-the-line service to customers and delivery capabilities.

If you’re in search of Product Compliance documentation, such as ISO, IATF or PED certifications, please go to on the “Doing Business” section of our website.

Cleveland-Cliffs is strategically placed in the process of recycling steel. Starting with mining iron ore and ending with post-consumer steel recycling Cliffs has a significant part in the entire process. Find out more about our sustainable methods within the “Sustainability” section of our website.

View the Best 0.04mm Stainless Steel Foil Offer From the Manufacturer

Galvanized Steel Coil Manufacturers in Usa – ATI

Location and Contact

ATI has a wide range of capabilities Galvanized Steel Coil Manufacturers in Usa. ATI is a Pennsylvania manufacturer of stainless steel coils. The address of ATI is at 1000 Six PPG Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA.


If the problem is a blaze of temperatures, crushing strain, burning corrosion, or any or any of these, ATI earn the right to be a client’s first phone call. For more than 100 years, ATI has been meeting the challenges of clients whose systems require to go higher and more profound, stand more robust, and last for longer -anywhere on the earth, in the air, or beneath the earth’s surface.

ATI materials permit our customers – as well as in some cases, those of our customers to accomplish amazing feats including operating jet engines with temperatures as high as 2800 degrees to supplying our defense forces with the capability of safely and effectively moving highly toxic liquids as well as exhaust streams to providing transformative medical discoveries. ATI endeavors to become an outstanding performer, gaining the first call whenever there is an opportunity to increase our market share.

Every new aircraft model is introduced over the past fifty years.

The jet engine has been evolving with each generation. engines starting from the very beginning through new and upcoming design concepts that challenge the boundaries of fuel efficiency, power, and reliability.

Armor protects equipment and individuals from the constant danger of explosive weapons that can be deadly.

Advanced materials that allow exploration for oil and gas to be conducted deeper beneath the sea, further into harsh environments, and also in applications that extract the energy of older depleted, extremely corrosion-prone wells.

Clean energy solutions range from solar panels with a flexible design to nuclear reactors, wind turbines, and scrubbers for traditional power plants.

A high-precision, low-cost stainless steel which protects, strengthens, and beautifies thousands of daily devices, such as automobiles and appliances.

Medical breakthroughs which range from superconducting wiring to MRI equipment to implantable stents, and artificial joints help save and improve thousands of lives each day.

Top American Stainless Steel Supplier – Nucor

Location and Contact

Nucor is the largest, most diverse and sustainable steel and stainless steel coil manufacturer that is located in North America. Nucor’s workforce is based around a goal to lead Nucor’s industry with unmatched customer service, building trusting relationships and also generating continuous value. Nucor’s headquarters is located at 1915 Rexford Road, Charlotte, NC 28211, USA.


Nucor is the most diverse and sustainable steel and steel-related company. Our workforce is built around the goal of being the leader in our industry by providing unbeatable customer service, establishing solid partnerships, and providing long-term value.

Nucor is North America’s largest and most diversifying manufacturer of both steel and products. The Nucor brand family spans raw materials, to finished steel products. Find out more about our Nucor family by browsing our brands.

Nucor Corporation and its affiliates produce steel and steel products in more than 300 operational facilities primarily located in North America. Nucor is the biggest producer of steel across the United States, operating 24 scrap-based steel mills with the capacity to produce more than 27 million tons. Nucor is also the world’s largest recycler, processing around 20 million tons of ferrous scrap each year to create new material that’s 100 percent recyclable at the time of its use. Nucor through the David J. Joseph Company is also a broker of ferrous and nonferrous materials, HBI/DRI, and pig iron; it offers ferro-alloys as well as processes both ferrous and nonferrous waste. Nucor’s headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, with more than 26,000 workers.

Top India Stainless Steel Manufacaturer – Jindal Stainless

Location and Contact

Incorporated in the year 1970 Jindal Stainless was a leading company in the field of stainless steel in India. Through sheer ingenuity and cutting-edge products, Jindal Stainless is the largest stainless steel coil manufacturer in India and is among the top 10 manufacturers in the world. Jindal is located in O.P. Jindal Marg, Hisar-125005, Haryana, India.


As a part of the group of USD 35 billion, Jindal Stainless finds its origins in a simple bucket manufacturing plant that was set up in the year 1970. Presently, Jindal Stainless is the largest stainless steel manufacturer in India and is ranked among the top 10 conglomerates of stainless steel worldwide. It’s not just the size of our activities that determines our trustworthiness and reputation however, we are also energized by our desire to innovate and making lives better. Jindal Stainless Group has an annual capacity for crude stainless steel that is 1.9 MTPA and the group is able to generate an annual revenue in the range of US $2.70 billion (as as of March 31st 2021).

Top French stainless steel manufacturer – Aperam

Location and Contact

Aperam is a world-class producer of stainless steel that has environmental sustainability as its core. Aperam’s headquarters are at 12C rue Guillaume Kroll, L-1882 Luxembourg. Aperam is among the biggest French producers of cold-rolled stainless steel coils.


Since its debut in 2011, Aperam has established itself as a worldwide player in electrical, stainless as well as specialty steel. With an electrical and flat stainless steel capability in excess of 2.5 million tonnes across Brazil in addition to Europe, Aperam has customers in more than 40 countries. The company’s success is due to Aperam’s workforce of 10,700 who are dedicated to creating Aperam continuously better.

Together, the business and its employees are committed to sustainable development, an aspect that lies at the core of Aperam’s approach to providing alloy and steel solutions that are cost-effective, durable, and provide the strength, versatility, and unending recyclability required to create a sustainable society.

With its newly launched Recycling and Renewables segment (BioEnergia, ELG, Recyco), Aperam has put itself at the forefront of the circular economy. In Europe, the production processes make use of around 90 percent of scrap metal. Aperam is unique in that it produces charcoal using its own FSC(r)-certified forests in Brazil and is later utilized in the process of making steel to create a renewable and natural alternative to fossil fuels. The majority of the workforce at Aperam earns value through their work within Recycling and Renewables upstream. Aperam is determined to make its products sustainably and in a safe manner.

Because of efforts like these that go above even what’s needed Aperam’s CO2 footprint is listed as an industry leader in addition to its general sustainability score consistently is praised by outside analysts.

Top Spain Stainless Steel Coil Manufacturer – Acerinox

Location and Contact

The Acerinox Group, headquartered in Spain is a world market leader in the production of stainless steel with a melt that can handle 3.5 million tons. Acerinox is the top stainless steel producer in Spain and markets its products to nations in the Europe Union. The Acerinox headquarters are located in Calle Santiago de Compostela, 100. 28035 Madrid, Spain.


It is the Acerinox Group production network is composed of 13 factories. It is the Acerinox Group has 6 stainless steel factories, including four flat product factories (3 each of them being integrated facilities: Acerinox Europa, North American Stainless, and Columbus Stainless; and the 4th, Bahru, features a cold-rolling mill) and two long-product factories. Seven other manufacturing facilities (located between both the United States and Germany) make high-performance alloys.

Acerinox Group products, with more than 11,000 combinations are distributed through a wide commercial network that spans more than 80 countries.

Because of their versatile mechanical properties, aesthetic beauty, the little maintenance they need, and their acclaim as a benchmark for circular economics Acerinox’s materials Acerinox are utilized in a variety of industries, and the Group provides a variety of services and products around the world.

The company was founded in Spain in the year 1970 Acerinox was established in Spain in 1970. It has been listed in the Continuous Market of the Spanish Stock Exchange and is part of the exclusive IBEX35 index. It has had an international focus since its inception, Acerinox has now become the leading player in the market for stainless steel and in particular, the United States and the African continent. The Group is acknowledged as a major player in the European market and is the world’s leading manufacturer of alloys with special properties.

Stainless Steel Wholesalers from Mississippi – Rolled Alloy

Location and Contact

Rolled Alloys is a global market leader in specialty alloys that offer resistance to corrosion and heat, titanium, aerospace, and steel alloys. rolled Alloys is situated on The 125th floor of West Utica Street, PO Box 576, Owosso, MI 48867, USA.

With offices throughout locations in the United States, Canada, and Asia we cater to clients of all sizes, providing and processing high-performance metals used in process of chemical and thermal power generation aerospace oil and gas, paper and paper, as well desalination markets.

The huge assortment of rolled alloys comprises more than 20 grades of stainless steel, nickel duplex, and titanium, as well as super alloys available in sheets, plates, bars pipe and tubing, and weldable materials.

We provide a variety of alloys, as well as an extensive machine tooling capability which allows us to provide quick sizes of stock materials as well as custom-cut parts for shipping.


Rolled Alloys were established upon an introduction to wrought RA330 alloy to replace cast HT in the commercial heat treatment industry. In the past seventy years, the business has experienced continuous growth due to the growth of alloys offered and markets, client base, geographic expansion, and acquisitions. Every one of the U.S. locations exports products across the globe and our products are also offered by way of Rolled Alloys divisions in Canada, Singapore, and China. NeoNickel is the only distributor of Rolled Alloys in Europe.,

Rolled Alloys is committed to high-quality service to our customers. Our mainstay is our excellent customer service. We have salespeople as well as metallurgists, and quality control experts to serve our customers’ needs. We carry a variety of alloys as well as extensive processing capabilities. Both of these permit us to speedily deliver stock-size material and cut-to-size components.

Stainless Steel Suppliers in Pennsylvania – Penn Stainless

Pennsylvania Stainless was founded in 1949 as a fabrication company that was initially known as Schrader’s Stainless. In 1979, the business of 5,000 square feet located on Route 309 within Quakertown, PA was purchased by the current owner which focuses on fabrication and distribution. Slowing growth in the structural structure led the company to relocate to a location located in Trumbauersville, PA in 1983 and then to our present site located in Quakertown, PA – a 220,000 square foot facility that was completed in 1994. another 35,000 sq feet location located in Jackson Center, PA added in the year 2015. As a complete facility for service, Penn Stainless Products continues to improve its system to ensure that we supply our clients with the best quality stainless steel products and fabrication in-house. Penn Stainless Products is now and has grown to become the largest stainless steel coil manufacturer in Pennsylvania. Its headquarters is located in the address 190 Kelly Road, Quakertown, PA 18951, USA.

Top Illinois Stainless Steel Wholesalers – Brown Metals Company

Location and Contact

Established in 1970, Brown Metals Company specializes in providing custom-slit and Coiled thin gauge stainless steel as well as High-Temperature Alloys. Brown Metals is one of the local stainless steel coil manufacturer and wholesalers in the United States based in Illinois. Its exact address is 120 East 156th Street, South Holland, IL 60473, USA.


Since its inception, the company has been owned by the owner. Brown Metals takes extreme pride in the level of knowledge that is evident throughout the business. From highly skilled slitter operators to warehouse personnel and delivery crews, Brown Metals employees are skilled and certified experts in the field of thin gauge stainless steel coils.

Being an authorized distributor for many U.S. Steel Coil Manufacturer based in the United States, Brown Metals can furnish production-sized quantities that meet your specific specifications. Direct purchase from the mills is a better option than brokering. It also permits Brown Metals to provide customers with the best rates on the finest quality products.

Top Steel Coil Manufacturing Companies – Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals

Ulbrich Stainless and Specialty Metals, Inc. is a fourth-generation family-owned company and a global manufacturer of precision metal products. Ulbrich processes more than 180 unique alloys into custom strip, shaped wire, thin wire, sheet, plate, bar, foil, and photovoltaic strip products for automotive, aerospace, energy, medical, chemical, and electrical applications. Ulbrich’s headquarters are located at Washington Street, PO Box 294, North Haven, CT 06473, USA.

Ulbrich Stainless and Specialty Metals which is what it is called as it is today was established in 1924, when Fred Ulbrich Sr. started a scrap metal resale company situated in Wallingford, Connecticut. Fred Sr. soon began producing cutlery and was given the contract to provide cutlery made from stainless steel for the U.S. Army during World War II. The contract prompted Ulbrich to acquire the first mill for rolling which was crucial to Ulbrich’s transformation from a cutlery-based producer to a custom-designed stainless steel strip manufacturing business following World War II.

What is the average price of steel coil?

Steel coil prices can vary widely based on the global market, the grade of the steel, the thickness of the coil, and the finish, among other factors. It’s important to get a quote directly from steel coil manufacturers or suppliers for the most accurate and current pricing.

How is the weight of steel coils calculated?

The weight of steel coils can be calculated using the formula: Weight = Width x Thickness x Length x Density. The density of steel is approximately 7.85 g/cm^3.

Who are the leading sheet metal coil suppliers?

In addition to the companies mentioned above, other leading suppliers of sheet metal coil include AK Steel Holding Corporation, ArcelorMittal, and Thyssenkrupp AG.

What is steel coil used for?

Steel coil is used in a variety of applications. It’s often used in the automotive industry for car bodies and parts, in construction for structural support, and in the Steel Coil Manufacturer of home appliances, metal furniture, and industrial equipment.

Why are steel coils so hot?

Steel coils can become hot due to the manufacturing process. During hot-rolling, the steel is heated to high temperatures to change its shape and properties. The coils may retain heat after this process.

What is a steel coil mill?

A steel coil mill, also known as a steel mill, is an industrial facility where steel is produced. In a hot strip mill, for example, slabs of steel are rolled into coils. These mills play a crucial role in the steel coil manufacturing process.

Could you provide more details on the leading galvanized steel coil manufacturers in the USA?

United States Steel Corporation (U.S. Steel): Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. Steel is an integrated steel producer with major production operations in North America and Europe. The company manufactures a range of value-added steel sheet and tubular products for the automotive, appliance, container, industrial machinery, and construction markets. Their galvanized steel coils are known for their corrosion resistance.

Steel Dynamics, Inc.: Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Steel Dynamics operates in the U.S. and Mexico. The company is known for its innovation and use of modern technology to produce a wide range of steel products, including galvanized steel coils, at competitive prices.

Could you explain more about the factors influencing steel coil price?

The price of steel coil is influenced by several factors:

Global Market Conditions: Changes in supply and demand globally can cause price fluctuations. For instance, during economic downturns, demand may decrease, leading to lower prices.

Raw Material Costs: The cost of iron ore, the primary raw material in steel manufacturing, directly impacts steel prices. When raw material costs increase, steel manufacturers typically pass on the cost to consumers.

Transportation Costs: The cost of transporting steel from the manufacturer to the consumer also affects the final price. Transportation costs can be influenced by fuel prices and distance.

Tariffs and Trade Policies: Tariffs and trade policies can also impact steel prices. For example, if a country imposes high tariffs on steel imports, domestic prices may rise.

Could you provide examples of specific products made from steel coil?

Steel coils are used in a vast array of products. Here are a few examples:

Automotive Components: Steel coil is used to manufacture body parts, engine parts, and transmissions for cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

Construction Materials: In construction, steel coil is used to create structural components like I-beams, as well as roofing and siding materials.

Appliances: Many household appliances, including refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens, are made from steel coil.

Industrial Equipment: Steel coil is used in the manufacturing of machinery and equipment for various industries, including agriculture, mining, and manufacturing.

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